Toyota Land Cruiser Tops the List of Most Stolen Cars in Japan

In 2023, Toyota Land Cruiser continues to be the top target of stolen car criminals in Japan. According to a report from the Japan General Insurance Association, Toyota and Lexus occupy 9/10 positions on the list of most stolen vehicles in the country, with the Land Cruiser leading the list for 3 consecutive years.

List of 10 most stolen cars:

Reasons Land Cruiser is the main target:
The Land Cruiser is a top choice among thieves because of its spaciousness, reliability and off-road capabilities. These attributes make it a favorite target among the criminal community.

A total of 2,597 vehicle thefts were reported in 2023, a slight decrease compared to 2022 and an increase compared to 2021. Between night and morning, the rate of thefts increased, accounting for 58.4 % of total burglaries.

Toyota Land Cruiser continues to be the main target of car thieves in Japan in 2023. For those who own the models on the list, it is necessary to increase security measures to protect their assets.

According to Response

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