Kia’s new logo causes humorous misunderstandings

Kia’s new logo writes the letters consecutively, causing the letters “I” and “A” to accidentally form an inverted N, causing misunderstanding for many people.

In early 2021, Kia launched its new logo with an extremely spectacular fireworks display in the sky of Incheon, South Korea. At that time, the company used 303 drones flying in formation (Pyrodrone) to shoot hundreds of fireworks, setting a Guinness World Record for using the most unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) at the same time. Fireworks. However, it seems that that is not enough for all consumers to know the company’s new logo design.

Kia's new logo writes the letters consecutively, instead of writing them separately (Photo: Kia).

Kia’s new logo writes the letters consecutively, instead of writing them separately (Photo: Kia).

Twitter account @Shwinnabego said that Google searches with the phrase “KN car” have increased sharply since the summer of 2021 when car models bearing Kia’s new logo appeared more on the streets. A Reddit user even posted a photo of the Kia Carnival and asked: “Is this a KN model?”.

Google Trends data shows that this phenomenon is not only happening in the US, but consumers in Australia, Canada and the UK are also searching for terms such as “KN SUV”, “KN car price”, and “electric car brand”. KN”. Similar US searches include: “What car brand is KN”, “KN Carnival car”, “What is KN”, and “KN Telluride car”.

Although there are about 30,000 searches per month with the keyword “KN car”, according to Tire Meets Road, there are up to 1.83 million searches for the exact “Kia” brand each month, so the number of 30,000 is extremely high. small. However, it seems that confusion is quite common, so when users just type “KN c”, Google will automatically suggest “KN Car” and “KN Car Brand”.

At first glance, this seems like bad news, as the company spent millions of dollars on changing the logo, but the interesting thing is that people are clearly very interested in Kia cars so they actively search, even even if they don’t know which company it is. This isn’t necessarily good in terms of brand recognition, but it’s clear that people want to learn more about the company.

According to Carscoops

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