Top 10 Cars Leading the US Market in 2024

Consumer Reports magazine, a reputable source of consumer advice in the US, has just announced the list of “Top 10 Best Cars Worth Buying” for 2024. The special thing is that the majority of car models at the top of the list use fuel sources. electric power, reflecting the growing sustainable automobile trend.

1. Subaru Crosstrek: SUV/CUV Size B

Subaru Crosstrek, a B-sized SUV/CUV, conquers customers with its flexibility and impressive performance.

2. Toyota Prius/Prius Prime: Hybrid/Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PHEV)

Toyota Prius and Prius Prime continue to maintain their position in the hybrid car segment, especially with diverse charging features.

3. Subaru Forester: SUV/CUV Size C

Subaru Forester, a C-sized SUV/CUV, is highly appreciated for its performance and safety.

4. Mazda 3: Small Car

Mazda 3, a small car, attracts consumers with its beautiful design and exciting driving experience.

5. Toyota Camry Hybrid: Mid-Size Car

The Toyota Camry Hybrid not only stands out with its traditional design but also offers performance and fuel economy.

6. Ford Maverick/Maverick Hybrid: Small Pickup

Ford Maverick and its Hybrid version, a small pickup truck, is a unique combination of utility and performance.

7. Tesla Model Y: Pure Electric Vehicle

Tesla Model Y, one of the prominent representatives of electric cars, continues to attract buyers with its advanced technology and impressive range.

8. Toyota Highlander Hybrid: Mid-Size SUV/CUV

Toyota Highlander Hybrid, mid-size SUV/CUV, combines comfortable space and advanced performance.

9. BMW X5/X5 PHEV: Luxury SUV/CUV

The BMW X5 and its Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) version both offer a luxurious and modern driving experience.

10. Toyota RAV4 Prime: Plug-in Hybrid SUV/CUV

Toyota RAV4 Prime, a plug-in hybrid SUV/CUV, combines convenience and powerful performance.

Brand Reviews

In addition to the car list, Consumer Reports also released its best brand rankings for 2024, with BMW leading the way. Subaru, Porsche, Honda, and Lexus also make the list.

In contrast, Jeep ranked last, followed by Land Rover, Jaguar, GMC, Rivian, and Mercedes.

This list is not only a valuable reference source for American consumers but also provides an in-depth look at the trends and quality of the modern auto market.

Source: The World and Vietnam Newspaper

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