The Secret Behind the Case of Customers Being ‘Banned’ by Tesla from Reselling Cybertrucks

When a customer wanted to resell the Tesla Cybertruck that they had listed for sale but no one was buying, they were faced with an unexpected situation from Tesla.

A car owner shared on a forum for Cybertruck car owners that Tesla had canceled their other orders without specific explanation. This has caused the car community to ask many questions about Tesla’s policy on reselling customer cars.

According to information from car owners on the forum, although their car has been listed, no one has bought it yet. Soon after, Tesla canceled their other orders without cooperation or prior notice.

Tesla has a no-resale clause within the first year after the customer receives the new car. This is intended to prevent car owners from reselling their cars for profit.

Tesla has just delivered the Cybertruck pickup to customers since November 2023, and currently has a long order list with waiting times of up to years to pick up the vehicle.

Despite successful transactions on the resale market, prices for Cybertrucks have begun to decline after several high-priced auctioned units failed to attract buyers.

With a starting price of 192,069-289,999 USD per unit, but after several failed transactions, the price of the Cybertruck was reduced to about 189,000 USD at a recent auction.

This incident raises many questions about Tesla’s policy on reselling customer vehicles and also reflects the fluctuating market situation of this vehicle line. For those who want to resell the Cybertruck, it is necessary to carefully review Tesla’s terms and policies before proceeding with the transaction.

According to Automotive News

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