Electric Car Brands Change Direction, Prioritizing Hybrid Vehicles: Bentley, Aston Martin and the Manufacturers’ New Strategy

In a new development, famous auto companies such as Bentley are adjusting their plans, from developing electric vehicles to prioritizing the development of hybrid product lines – a combination of gasoline and electric engines.

The Change in Strategy of Automobile Companies

In recent years, automakers around the world have accelerated the launch of electric vehicle models, with long-term plans to convert all or most of their product ranges to electric vehicles. However, when electric vehicle sales did not achieve the expected growth, many companies adjusted their plans. Bentley is one of them.

Bentley – Prioritizing Hybrid Vehicle Development

Bentley, the super luxury brand from England, has postponed the launch of its first electric car model to 2026, instead of the original plan for 2025. Instead, the company will focus on developing new models. Hybrid car, combining gasoline and electric engines. This also applies to Aston Martin, another British car company, when the company also delayed the launch of its electric car and focused on developing hybrid cars.

New Strategy of Bentley and Other Automobile Companies

Bentley has an advantage as they have produced hybrid versions of cars such as the Bentayga and Flying Spur. The company even has a Continental hybrid as a prototype. Bentley’s plan is that by 2026, all of its car models will be plug-in hybrid cars.

However, the strategic adjustment of Bentley and other automakers is not simply a matter of reducing investment in electric vehicles and focusing on hybrid vehicles, but also a repositioning of their long-term goals.

With the electric vehicle market not achieving the expected development, automakers are changing their strategies, from developing electric vehicles to prioritizing the development of hybrid product lines. Bentley, Aston Martin, and other automakers are adjusting their plans to adapt to new trends in the global auto market.

According to Auto News, Autocar

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