Chinese Government Committed to Accelerating Electric Vehicle Development: Opportunities and Challenges

During the annual China EV100 Electric Vehicle Forum in Beijing, the Chinese Government demonstrated its commitment to promoting electric vehicle production, and is willing to make large investments and establish support policies for manufacturers. in the industry.

Wan Gang, former Chinese Minister of Science and Technology, has made an important call to car manufacturers, asking them to invest in semiconductor chips and other important components for electric vehicles and electric vehicles. self-driving car. He emphasized that the China Development and Reform Commission is always ready to adopt policies to strengthen the supply chain of components for electric vehicles.

The Ministry of Commerce has also committed to helping reduce the insurance burden for electric vehicle buyers, to encourage the use of electric vehicles in the community. At the same time, the Government is also increasing the construction of charging stations and electric vehicle parking areas to meet people’s needs.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has also launched many support policies to encourage people to switch from old cars to new electric cars.

In addition to large corporations such as BYD, GAC and SAIC, the Chinese Government also wants to support and promote investment in three other corporations: FAW, Dongfeng and Chongqing Changan. China currently dominates the electric vehicle supply chain, accounting for more than 75% of global battery production and controlling more than two-thirds of the components needed to produce electric vehicle batteries.

With this advantage, Chinese vehicle manufacturers can maintain growth without depending on any other country. However, they also face competitive pressure from other countries such as the US, European Union, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia.

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