Fire and explosion insurance premium schedule

When buying any product in general, and insurance products in particular, customers often pay special attention to cost, because this is an important factor in the purchasing decision and has a direct impact. to the ability to pay, the level that insurance brings. Because most customers have a limited budget for insurance, as well as want to make sure they are using money in the most effective way to meet their needs and improve the quality of their lives. live better day by day. Therefore, within the scope of the article below, IBAOHIEM would like to share with you information about the fees of an insurance product that is being widely accepted and trusted today through the article “Fire and explosion insurance fee schedule”.

Can understand Fire and explosion insurance fee schedule is a spreadsheet that includes different fees calculated based on mandatory factors and related optional factors. Therefore, the insurance fee schedule is the basis for calculating the total amount you must pay to the insurance company when participating in fire and explosion insurance products, this amount you need to pay according to the deadline and method. agreed upon when entering into the contract.

Fire and explosion insurance premium schedule

Fire and explosion insurance will bring many benefits to customers when unfortunate risks and damages occur, especially financial problems, by the insurance company will pay you part or all of the amount. Insurance money. With this amount of money you can use it to: buy new, repair, restore equipment and machinery, pay for cleanup costs, temporary rental costs for new premises while repairing damage,… because So buying fire and explosion insurance is not only a financial support solution, but also helps increase peace of mind and more stability in life and business;

In some cases, participating in fire and explosion insurance is also a mandatory obligation for agencies, organizations and individuals that own facilities at risk of fire and explosion to participate. The list of such establishments is prescribed by law in Appendix I of Decree 97/2021/ND-CP amending and supplementing Decree 23/2018/ND-CP regulating compulsory fire and explosion insurance;

Customers are more comprehensively protected when participating in fire insurance products and special risks. Because in addition to the coverage of fire and explosion as mandatory insurance, this product’s coverage is expanded to include: lightning; aircraft and other aviation vehicles or equipment on them fall on them; causing disturbances, strikes, lockouts, damage due to malicious actions, etc.;

As shared, the fee schedule calculated is calculated based on mandatory factors and related options accordingly Fire and explosion insurance fee schedule calculated according to the formula: insurance amount x fee percentage. In which: the insured amount is the monetary value of the asset according to the market price at the time you participate in insurance, the percentage of premium will depend on the production and business industry, type of asset, and industrial structure. Insurance is purchased. For example, with mandatory fire and explosion insurance products, the fee rate applicable to daycares, kindergartens, and kindergartens is 0.05%, bars, discotheques, and karaoke services are 0.4%, and guests are 0.4%. Hotels, motels, and motels have automatic fire suppression systems of 0.05%…

Hopefully this article on IBAOHIEM has helped you better understand issues related to “Fire and explosion insurance fee schedule”.

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