Bao Viet fire and explosion insurance

Incidents are unwanted things that happen, but they are all events that we cannot control. Fires and explosions are the same, every day there are fires that cause a lot of damage, affect many individuals and lead to financial crises for businesses, factories or families. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see news about house fires, factory fires, karaoke fires, etc. So why don’t businesses, factories, and households use fire insurance as a protective armor? avoid unfortunate incidents, to feel secure in doing business and living. Let’s learn about it with IBAOHIEM Bao Viet fire and explosion insurance Go through the article below.

Bao Viet fire and explosion insurance is a type of property insurance that covers damage or loss of property caused by fire or explosion. This type of insurance is very versatile and convenient, not only is the owner of the premises and all assets in the house insured, but also supported with the costs of replacing, repairing and rebuilding the covered assets. listed in the insurance contract.

To ensure business and safety of facilities throughout society, our government also promulgates rules requiring the purchase of fire and explosion insurance. There are also types of fire insurance with other voluntary provisions. Below are 2 basic types of fire and explosion insurance.

Bao Viet fire and explosion insurance

Compulsory fire and explosion insurance: This type of insurance is mandatory for agencies, organizations and individuals whose premises are at risk of fire and explosion. According to Decree No. 23 on fire and explosion regulations, insurance buyers and insurance companies deploy compulsory fire and explosion insurance according to the conditions, insurance premiums, and minimum insurance amount as prescribed.

The subject of insurance is all assets of the facility that are at risk of fire or explosion such as houses, structures, machinery, and equipment; types of goods and supplies. The minimum mandatory fire and explosion insurance amount is the monetary value according to the market value of the asset. When a fire or explosion occurs, the insurance company will make full insurance compensation according to the provisions of the contract, helping to minimize difficulties for businesses, business establishments and individual owners.

Voluntary fire and explosion insurance: To ensure the owner’s rights in the most comprehensive way, the insurance company also launches voluntary fire and explosion insurance products to expand the scope of insurance as well as insurance premiums. Voluntary fire and explosion insurance can cover assets exposed to the effects of heat leading to unexpected fire or explosion incidents. Besides, natural phenomena such as lightning, earthquakes, thunderstorms, etc.; Indirect losses due to other accidents such as plane crashes, car crashes, robberies, etc. are also within the scope of insurance coverage. The insurance buyer can receive an amount of compensation when a fire or explosion occurs to the insured facility according to the formula:

Compensation amount = Damage value – Deduction level.

Some popular types of voluntary fire and explosion insurance that are trusted by many customers include PVI apartment fire and explosion insurance, PJICO fire and explosion insurance, Bao Viet private home insurance,…

Hopefully, through the above article, everyone will understand the necessity and benefits of buying fire insurance. With the goal of promoting safety for all business and living activities,… Bao Viet fire and explosion insurance as a protective armor for financial resources, while sharing difficulties when fires and explosions occur. Join IBAOHIEM to learn in the most detail about types of fire and explosion insurance with the most enthusiastic and professional team of consultants.

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