Oil and gas car insurance

Insurance is not simply a financial method to help prevent unforeseen risks, but also plays an important role in managing risks and minimizing the financial burden for participants. Insurance ensures financial security for individuals and businesses, while contributing to the stable development of society and smart and effective risk management. Therefore, along with the general development of socio-economics, people’s need to use insurance is increasing, and their desire for protection is increasingly diverse and expanding in many different fields. Therefore, in the sharing article below, IBAOHIEM would like to introduce to you the program Oil and gas car insurance as the need to use and own cars is becoming more and more popular in our country’s life today.

PVI Insurance or Vietnam Petroleum Insurance, is an insurance brand that was formed very early in the Vietnamese insurance market in 1996. With nearly three decades of formation and development in the insurance market , PVI has affirmed its solid position and become an indispensable companion for people thanks to its commitment to providing effective financial solutions and risk prevention plans for customers. Participate in insurance. Next, with the goal of being customer-centric, PVI has continuously developed and further diversified various insurance programs, the most prominent of which are insurance products. Oil and gas car insurance – brings comprehensive and superior protection to customers during the process of owning and using cars today.

Oil and gas auto insurance

In order to provide the best comprehensive protection, superior and diverse choices for each participating customer, PVI has brought a series of different car insurance products and are classified into two types of insurance. The main dangers are:

Compulsory car insurance – the insured object is the property and life of a third person in the damage. In other words, when risks and damages occur, PVI will ensure to pay customers financial amounts to overcome risks and fulfill the obligation to compensate third parties for damages up to the maximum limit. is: 150 million VND/person/case when the third person suffers health or life damage and 100 million VND/case when the third person suffers property damage;

Voluntary car insurance – the insured object is the insured car, the driver/passengers in the car, and the goods transported in the car. For example, with passenger accident insurance, PVI will ensure payment and support for subjects who suffer damage or injury during the process of getting in, out, or using the car, including fees. to restore health, support for hospital expenses, hospitalization allowance, etc.

So, no matter what type of insurance it is Oil and gas car insurance also always provides timely assurance, quick and stable support to help insurance and traffic participants get reasonable compensation, quickly stabilize their daily lives, and have peace of mind. more when using a car, etc. And hopefully with the above sharing from IBAOHIEM, the problems related to the auto insurance products of the PVI insurance brand have been clarified.

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