Bao Viet auto insurance prices

You own a car and you want to find a way to protect your car. Auto insurance from Bao Viet Insurance is a wise choice to help pay for physical damage that may occur. Let’s find out Bao Viet auto insurance prices in IBAOHIEM’s article below now!

In addition to purchasing automobile civil liability insurance according to state regulations, car owners should equip other types of insurance to minimize risks and costs when damage occurs. go out.

Automobile physical insurance is a type of voluntary insurance, with the purpose of sharing repair costs with car owners when incidents of theft, sudden or unexpected collision occur. Bao Viet always has the best promotional and fee reduction policies for customers buying auto insurance. Fee reduction promotions take place continuously all year round. Therefore, customers when participating in insurance will not have to worry about problems Bao Viet auto insurance prices expensive.

Bao Viet auto insurance prices

The insured: Is physical damage to the vehicle caused by unexpected accidents beyond the vehicle owner’s control in specific cases specified by insurance rules.

Coverage: Bao Viet Auto Insurance is responsible for compensating vehicle owners for physical damage caused by natural disasters, sudden and unforeseen accidents such as: Crash, collision, overturning, falling, deviation of center of gravity, sinking, total fall. the vehicle, being hit by other objects, being hit by other objects, or other people’s destructive behavior; Fire, explosion; Force majeure disasters caused by nature; Loss of entire vehicle due to theft or robbery.

In addition to the compensation amount, Bao Viet also compensates the vehicle owner for necessary and reasonable expenses as agreed in the Insurance Contract to perform the work as requested and instructed by Bao Viet when a loss occurs. (under the scope of insurance).

Settlement of insurance benefits:

In case of compensation for parts loss: Bao Viet is responsible for paying the actual costs to repair, replace (if repairable) the lost part, or pay the vehicle owner to compensate. loss on the basis of determining the cost of repair and remedy of loss that may be payable. How to determine the amount of compensation based on the Automobile Insurance Rules.

In case of total loss compensation: The total compensation amount is equal to the market value of the vehicle before the accident (loss) and does not exceed the insurance amount stated on the Contract/Certificate/ Insurance.

Insurance price: Bao Viet auto insurance prices Currently, it is composed of the following fees: Basic insurance fee, insurance fee with additional terms such as: insurance without depreciation of new spare parts and supplies, insurance without applying deductible exemption, insurance Water damage insurance, parts theft insurance and additional promotions, if any, will incur a fee to be paid.

Regarding the insurance amount, the car owner can negotiate with Bao Viet an amount of vehicle physical insurance equal to or lower than the market value of the car.

Contact IBAOHIEM immediately to own a Bao Viet auto insurance package as soon as possible. As a long-time supplier of Bao Viet insurance products, IBAOHIEM is committed to bringing the highest value to all participating customers so that customer rights are not affected.

Above is information about Bao Viet auto insurance package, including information about Bao Viet auto insurance prices that IBAOHIEM wants to share, hoping to help customers better understand the product.

Learn product details here: Bao Viet auto insurance

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