Bao Viet accident insurance

Currently, there are many different insurance units providing this type of accident insurance. Among them, Bao Viet accident insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in this type of insurance with easy and quick participation procedures and many outstanding advantages compared to other insurance companies on the market. Let’s find out more specifically in IBAOHIEM’s article below now!

Owning an accident insurance policy is extremely necessary in every person’s life. Accident insurance helps you prepare for future uncertainties, protecting yourself and your loved ones in terms of health and finances. If you are unfortunately at risk due to an accident, you will receive support from insurance, such as:

  • Get support for treatment costs that health insurance does not cover.
  • Hospital fee reimbursement helps you relieve financial worries.
  • Insurance benefits are very large, helping you no longer have a financial burden when an unexpected accident occurs.
  • Greater financial peace of mind in the event of death or total and permanent disability.

To meet customers’ needs, Bao Viet Insurance has provided accident insurance products with outstanding insurance benefits.

Bao Viet accident insurance

Subjects receiving insurance: Bao Viet accident insurance Get insurance for all Vietnamese citizens and foreigners working or studying in Vietnam from 15 days old to a maximum of 70 years old.

Coverage: The entire territory of Vietnam

Risks covered: Insurance in case of death or physical injury due to an accident or due to the insured’s actions to save people, save property of the state or people, and participate in fighting against illegal actions.

Insurance validity: Insurance takes effect after the insured pays the insurance premium according to regulations and according to the validity period on the certificate or insurance contract.

Insurance packages: Bao Viet accident insurance divided into 5 small insurance packages:

  • Package 1: fee 56,000 VND/person; Maximum insurance benefit is 20 million VND;
  • Package 2: fee 112,000 VND/person; Maximum insurance benefit is 40 million VND;
  • Package 3: fee 168,000 VND/person; Maximum insurance benefit is 60 million VND;
  • Package 4: fee 224,000 VND/person; Maximum insurance benefit is 80 million VND;
  • Package 5: fee 280,000 VND/person; Maximum insurance benefit is 100 million VND;

Payment of insurance benefits:

  • In case the insured person dies due to an accident within the scope of insurance, Bao Viet Insurance pays the entire insurance amount on the Insurance Certificate or Insurance Contract.
  • In case the insured person suffers physical injury due to an accident within the scope of insurance: Bao Viet Insurance pays according to the disability insurance payment rate table.
  • In case the insured person has an accident within the scope of insurance, within 01 year from the date of the accident the insured person dies as a result of that accident, Bao Viet Insurance will pay the difference between Insurance amount stated in the Contract or Insurance Certificate with the previously paid amount.
  • In case the consequences of an accident within the scope of insurance liability are aggravated by the Insured Person’s existing illness or disability or by untimely treatment of injuries and not following the instructions of medical authorities. Bao Viet Insurance only pays insurance as for a similar type of wound in a person with normal health who is treated appropriately.

Compensation payment time: Bao Viet commits to pay compensation transparently and clearly according to the contract terms within 15 working days from the date Bao Viet receives a complete and valid compensation claim dossier. Therefore, customers can be completely assured about the benefits they will receive.

Please contact IBAOHIEM immediately to participate in Bao Viet’s insurance programs in the fastest time with the simplest participation procedures. IBAOHIEM is a reputable partner channel specializing in providing Bao Viet Insurance products and is committed to bringing customers the highest value.

Above is information about the package Bao Viet accident insurance that IBAOHIEM wants to share. Hope it can help customers better understand the product.

Learn product details here: Bao Viet accident insurance

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