What is an online navigation map? How many types of online map navigation applications are there?

In today’s modern society, technology is increasingly penetrating into people’s lives. Online navigation maps were also born based on that trend. If you are a person who likes to travel and is passionate about beautiful roads, then surely you have heard of this application. But do you clearly understand what an online navigation map is? How many types of online maps do you know? Let’s learn about this topic with CarOn Pro!

What is an online navigation map and its uses?

Online map is an application like any other map in terms of displaying the relative location of a selected point, finding and navigating to that location. Users use the application like a traditional map but more compact, more convenient and fully updated with information as quickly as possible. These online map applications are available on Android devices or easily downloaded from the App Store.

Online map applications are a growing field attracting many development projects as more people are turning to the Internet for more personalized information. One of the most prominent projects was the Internet mapping project that William Cheswick and Hal Burch of Bell Labs started in 1997. A year after its launch in 1998, the project began collecting hundreds of followers. different tracking.

Over the years, this online navigation application has developed successfully. There are many technology developers who have created their own separate applications for online navigation and various utilities. May be mentioned as: Google Map, Navitel, Vietmap

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Features of online map navigation

One advantage of online maps is the ability to custom create maps for an individual based on specific needs, providing a simple, concise summary of a suggested route. This can help customers easily move to many locations, in addition to optimizing the addresses they frequently visit, eliminating unnecessary information.

Online maps also estimate the time needed to reach the desired location, helping users control and adjust their work to suit their schedule.

Current traffic conditions on the roads are continuously updated. Allows users to further customize the route, regardless of origin or destination, but even at optional locations. This fully meets the needs of users: some people want to take a more beautiful route, but there will also be people who choose a route that suits their schedule.

Online maps also feature voice guidance support for more convenience for traffic participants. If you have to drive while looking for the road at the same time, it is really inconvenient, not only that, it also causes loss of concentration, easily leading to unwanted accidents.

Unlike traditional maps that are only updated once a year when published, online maps can be updated in real time and continuously. This helps users clearly grasp traffic conditions around selected locations.

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Several types of online maps provide navigation

Online navigation maps are an area of ​​great interest and development, especially in the current era of global Internet coverage. There have been many online map applications launched, but among them there are especially applications with very high download visits and are trustworthy to use. CarOn will highlight the Top 3 most notable online map navigation applications

Online map navigation Google Maps

Google Maps is a digital map service released by Google, aiming to replace conventional paper maps in the context of increasingly strong technology and internet development. Today, Google Maps is widely used and is gradually becoming a popular and indispensable utility in our lives.

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Google Maps is considered one of the extremely useful free applications because of the diverse utilities and features it brings to users. Here are some pros and cons of Google Maps that you should know:


  • Easily save the location of your home or company to support the search process or locate the route to the destination you want to go.
  • Allows you to share your location with people around you through a url via text message, email, facebook, …
  • View the map visually, with animations thanks to the mapsgl utility on Google map.
  • You can mark the quality of a store or location displayed on Google Maps through stars as well as additional comments to help people share more.
  • Allowing users to set up their own maps on the application is quite smart and convenient.
  • Displays current traffic conditions on roads


  • Information is rich but not standardized in terms of language, spelling or administrative boundaries
  • Information accuracy depends entirely on user contributions with loose constraints of responsibility

Navitel online map navigation

Navitel software is developed by NAVITEL Company (in the Russian Federation) by a team of very professional programmers – a solution provider in the field of navigation, specializing in developing software products. Satellite navigation software and digital map applications. In Vietnam, Navitel has been developing since 2013, providing digital maps for navigation machines in Vietnam since 2014.

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Navitel Navigator is cross-platform navigation software that can run on Android operating systems (all Android phones, tablets, car DVD players), iOS (iPhone/iPad), BlackBerry (Q10/Z10 /Z30/Passport), Windows Phone 7.5/8/8.1, Symbian, Bada, Tizen, Windows CE (car DVDs, handheld and windshield-mounted navigators), Windows Mobile (windows phones mobile is quite popular in Vietnam from 2002 – 2010) with realistic 3D graphics and added services.


  • Very friendly interface, easy to use
  • Highly customizable: easily set map zoom level, display speed limit warnings, display POI points, distance of POI points displayed on the map…
  • There is support for displaying traffic jams (for villages with Internet): blocked roads appear in red, congested roads appear in orange, slow-moving roads appear in yellow, clear roads appear in blue.
  • Supports multiple operating system platforms and has a consistent interface and map data across all operating systems: Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Windows PC, Windows CE, IOS.
  • The map is detailed enough to ensure guidance to each hamlet and village.
  • Supports speed warning, lane assist.


  • There is no ability to customize the path color for the average user. Color correction can only be performed by users with a reasonable understanding of application editing by making changes to the navitel.ns2 file
  • The version running on Android does not have an application that supports transferring points found on Google map to Navitel

Vietmap online navigation map

Vietmap is the first company providing systematic navigation software in Vietnam since 2005-2006 on machines running Windows mobile, Symbian operating systems… until now, supporting most operating systems. Common. I’m being methodical here because Vietmap is the first national-scale navigation software. Previously, users could only use OZi Explorer to see where their location was on the map by scanning paper maps and inputting coordinates to it; Next, author tutrieu – a member of the forum handheld.com.vn in the past, released the first navigation software but only had a map of the Hanoi area. With 10 years of experience in the field of navigation, Vietmap has a fairly complete map for Vietnam and experience in setting routes and driving instructions in Vietnam.

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  • Supports many operating system platforms: Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Windows CE
  • Updated quite detailed road map of Vietnam
  • Rich POI points of interest data makes finding destinations a snap


  • Each operating system is a different software (VietmapX10 for Android, VietmapR12 for Windows mobile, Vietmap V17 for Symbian, Vietmap V17, V27, VietmapS1 for WindowsCE, in which each device, each DVD of each company has its own version). can be used together) and even within one operating system there are many completely different software versions. This leads to quite slow update times
  • Map data and application interfaces are completely different between Vietmap versions, requiring users to have certain knowledge of information technology and applications to be able to update the map without causing errors.
  • Does not support warnings of traffic jams, crowded roads, or open roads


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