Skoda first revealed its upcoming car in Vietnam: Arrived, same segment CX-5, CR-V

A series of recently leaked information and images show that the launch date of new Skoda models in Vietnam is near.

Skoda Vietnam’s official fanpage posted images and information about the launch of the new car for the first time. The car appears in the image in open form, but it is not difficult to recognize that this is the Skoda Karoq thanks to its characteristic design lines.

A sneak peek of the upcoming new car

Skoda Karoq is also the latest car model to be spotted at Vietnamese ports. Previously, last April, a Karoq appeared in the emissions testing center in Hanoi. There is information that the first Skoda model will be launched this month or next September.

The Karoq appeared at the port

Skoda Karoq is in the C-class SUV/crossover segment, on par with Mazda CX-5, Honda CR-V or Hyundai Tucson.

There is no information about equipment or the number of Karoq versions distributed yet. Looking at the image, we can only see that the car has LED front lights, LED tail lights, and a chrome border logo, not a sports version. In the Czech Republic, the most advanced version of the Karoq has Matrix LED lights like a luxury car.

The interior image of the car lying on the port shows quite a lot of modern equipment on this model, such as the electronic screen behind the steering wheel, 9.2-inch central screen, automatic anti-glare mirror, electric parking brake. death…

The interior of the vehicle docked at port

Karoq engines in the Czech Republic have both gasoline and diesel engine options. Although it belongs to the C segment, the engine of this car model is quite small. The gasoline engine has 2 options: 1.0L turbocharged and 1.5L turbocharged, with capacities of 108 horsepower and 147 horsepower, respectively. It is currently unclear which engine version the distributor will bring to Vietnam.

The Karoq version sold in Vietnam will have advanced safety features, because the vehicle located at the port has a camera system above the windshield.

In addition to the Karoq, another Skoda model that has also returned to the port and was in the emissions testing center is the Kodiaq. This is an SUV model in the larger segment, which will compete with Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Sorento, and Mazda CX-8.

The Kodiaqs have also returned home

Previously, when TC Motor signed a cooperation agreement with Skoda, 4 Skoda models were scheduled to launch this year including Karoq, Kodiaq, Octavia and Superb. Octavia is a C-class sedan, while Superb is one segment higher. All four of these car models are imported from the Czech Republic.

Then, when the car assembly line in Quang Ninh is completed, Skoda will have 2 models Kushaq and Slavia as localized cars. The Czech car company also moves towards electrification with two models Enyaq iV and Enyaq Coupe iV in 2025.

Some reference images of Skoda Karoq:

Source: Auto Pro

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