Leaked information about 2 commercial versions of Mitsubishi XFC: Same engine, starting price converted from 414 million VND

There are at least 2 Mitsubishi XFC configurations coming soon on August 10 in Indonesia.

On the last day of July, Mitsubishi early revealed many elements of “Mitsubishi New SUV” – the temporary name of the finished XFC. Compared to the concept launched in Vietnam at the end of 2022, the car design in general has not changed much.

Because many vehicle parameters have been announced, many customers in the region are curious about an unrevealed data, which is the car price. Surely when the new Mitsubishi SUV model is fully launched at the upcoming Gaikindo Indonesia exhibition, the vehicle reference price list will be revealed. However, those who cannot wait still have another source to refer to, which is a document from the Indonesian tax department.

The document reveals the names and prices of two upcoming Mitsubishi XFC versions

Specifically, the above text reveals that the upcoming Mitsubishi XFC will have two configurations called XFC EXC 1.5L 4x2AT and XFC ULT 1.5L 4x2AT.

Analyzing the above names in depth, XFC as known is the name of the car. Next, EXC and ULT can be the names of two equipment configurations and can be abbreviations for Exceed and Ultimate. 1.5L indicates engine capacity – a factor that has been previously confirmed by the Japanese brand. 4×2 indicates the drive system while AT is an automatic transmission (exactly, an automated CVT type as the company claims) with unknown details.

With a dynamic, sporty design, Mitsubishi XFC promises to attract many customers in Southeast Asia

In addition, the selling price of these two car models is also in the document. The XFC EXC version costs 265 million IDR, equivalent to nearly 414 million VND while the XFC ULT version costs 435.9 million VND. It is unclear whether this price list includes tax or not.

Mitsubishi XFC, after its launch in Indonesia, will definitely be available in the Vietnamese market. However, it is unclear whether domestic vehicles are assembled or imported. At present, the only confirmed assembly location for the new Mitsubishi XFC is at the Bekasi factory, Indonesia.

Source: Auto Pro

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