Should I buy PVI health insurance?

Health is the most valuable asset of every person, and caring for and protecting health is something that each of us always aims for and promotes in life. On the other hand, with the continuous development of medical science and technology, access to medical services, from examination, care to disease treatment, becomes increasingly easier. However, in addition to the benefits it brings, the cost of medical services is also increasing, posing many difficulties for people in using and accessing health insurance. Traditionally, it has not really met all the health care needs of the people. Therefore, many people have chosen to buy voluntary health insurance products issued by insurance businesses, notably the PVI brand. So Should I buy PVI health insurance? Are not? What benefits does this product provide? What are the fees? Please join IBAOHIEM in the sharing article below to answer those concerns!

PVI health insurance is a health insurance product provided by PVI insurance company. This product is designed to ensure customers receive financial support when it comes to health care, disease treatment and access to quality medical services in a more timely and faster manner. In other words, when participating in PVI health insurance, PVI will commit to paying necessary and reasonable costs when unfortunately encountering health risks.

Should I buy PVI health insurance?

There are many concerns that arise Should I buy PVI health insurance?and the answer to this problem is yes for the following reasons:

PVI insurance brand is one of the prominent names, highly appreciated for its prestige and reliability in the insurance industry in general and especially in the non-life insurance market today. During nearly three decades of establishment and development, PVI has offered diverse financial solutions, serving all customer needs. By providing quality insurance products and good customer service, PVI has attracted trust and loyalty from every customer;

PVI Health Insurance commits to paying in cases where customers examine and treat health problems such as illness, accidents, diseases, maternity, dentistry and even death within the term. , agreed coverage;

Moreover, as long as you choose one of the legal medical facilities for health examination and treatment, PVI will support hospital fee compensation, especially if you use medical services at medical facilities. Affiliated hospitals and clinics such as 108, Viet Duc, Huu Nghi, Thu Cuc, Hong Ngoc, Tu Du, Vinmec, etc. will be directly guaranteed hospital bills by PVI;

Besides, PVI also designed this product with many diverse programs, flexible participation benefits with attractive benefits and preferential fees. For example, if you choose to buy program 2, the maximum benefit will be 415 million VND/person/year, support for hospital expenses at 9 million VND/day, surgery costs at 180 million VND, or if If you stay in a public hospital, the hospitalization allowance for one day is 180,000 VND… And the fee you are responsible for paying to PVI in this case is based on age as follows: 4,291,875 applies to ages 19 and up. to 40, 4,463,550 for ages 11 to 18,…

Hopefully with the above sharing, IBAOHIEM has helped you have more grounds to answer your questions. You should buy PVI health insurance

Learn product details here: PVI health insurance

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