Toyota and Daihatsu develop new engines for Toyota Vios in Southeast Asia

Toyota Vios may have a major breakthrough with the addition of a 1.0L turbocharged engine.

According to information from Japan’s Automachi newspaper, Toyota and Daihatsu are collaborating to develop a new engine for the Vios and other car models in the Southeast Asian market. The new engine is expected to be a 1.0L direct injection turbocharged engine.

Rumored sources say this engine could have a capacity of up to 110 horsepower and 200 Nm of torque, surpassing the current 1.5L engine. If this information is accurate, this will help Toyota Vios compete strongly in the same car segment with outstanding strength.

According to Best Car Web, a reputable source with information from Toyota, this 1.0L turbocharged engine was initially developed for the Passo car line and will later be applied to other car models using the DNGA chassis, may include Vios. However, there has been no official announcement confirming the application of this engine for Vios.

In the Vietnamese market, Toyota Vios currently has 3 main versions: E MT, E CVT, and G CVT, with listed prices from 479 million to 592 million VND. Currently, Vios uses a 1.5L engine producing 107 horsepower and 140 Nm of torque, combined with a 5-speed manual transmission or CVT transmission.

In 2023, Toyota Vios sales in Vietnam decreased to 13,521 vehicles, a sharp decrease compared to the same period in 2022 and lost the sales throne in the small car segment to Hyundai Accent. Some reasons given include general market downturn and pressure from competitors. At the same time, many opinions say that the upgraded version of the Vios is not enough to stimulate buyer interest because it is only a trickle-down improvement in the middle of its life cycle.

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