Toyota LandCruiser FJ ‘Mini’ will launch in December 2024, using a 2.7L 4-Cylinder gasoline engine

The compact 5-door mini LandCruiser model is expected to launch globally at the end of 2024.

News about the ‘mini’ Toyota LandCruiser FJ, a potential rival to the Suzuki Jimny, has leaked from Japanese magazine Best Car, famous for getting early access to information about future Toyota models. Toyota.

In the image sketched on the magazine’s cover, the compact 4×4 has attracted attention, with news that the Toyota FJ badge will be recreated on the small SUV.

According to Best Car, it is expected that Toyota will officially introduce the LandCruiser FJ in December 2024. The car will be equipped with a 2.7L 4-cylinder gasoline engine, the same type as the 122kW/245Nm engine used on the newly launched Toyota Hilux Champ in Australia.

This shows that the LandCruiser FJ will use the Toyota iMV ladder-frame chassis platform similar to the Hilux Champ, but will have a 4-wheel drive system instead of just rear-wheel drive like on the Hilux.

With a wheelbase from 2,745mm to 2,750mm, the LandCruiser FJ will be longer than the new 5-door Suzuki Jimny XL with a wheelbase of 2,590mm.

Previously, there was a lot of speculation about the ‘LandCruiser Mini’ model, which is said to be the production version of the Compact Cruiser EV concept launched in 2021.

According to

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