Experience Mitsubishi Xforce Premium: Detailed review and outstanding advantages

After more than a month since its launch, Mitsubishi Vietnam organized a test drive of the Xforce model at Dai Nam racetrack and the version we had the opportunity to experience is Premium. The car will be challenged through different tests with driving modes including Normal, Wet, Gravel and Mud.

The first experience with Mitsubishi Xforce Premium brought many special impressions. The first thing tested was driving on a roundabout, which was wet to create the difference between Normal and Wet (slippery) modes.

During the first two rounds in Normal mode, the car felt like it was slipping and slightly lost grip even though the AYC active cornering control system was active. When switching to Wet mode, AYC intervenes more deeply in the steering system than Normal mode, increasing stability when cornering by braking at slipping points, reducing accelerator sensitivity, tightening the steering wheel and balancing. with more efficient torque, helping the vehicle corner more stably and safely.

Mitsubishi has improved the joints and added load-bearing parts to the rear of the vehicle to increase the torsion ability and improve the Xforce’s stability. This is combined with a revised suspension system, increased axle width and caster angle on the front suspension, and increased size and improved damping rubber on the rear suspension, which significantly improves handling. and control while driving.

Xforce uses the same 1.5L engine as Xpander, but the CVT gearbox has been adjusted to better suit each driving mode. In the acceleration test with 5 people in the car, the Xforce showed good performance, especially when exceeding speeds of 50 km/h, the CVT gearbox responded like a gearbox. DS driving mode is available on the gear lever to create a sportier, more stimulating driving experience.

On dirt test tracks and rough terrain, using the Gravel (gravel) driving mode helped the AYC system take the car into corners smoothly, providing a feeling of stability and good road grip. Ground clearance of up to 222 mm helps Xforce overcome difficult terrain without problems.

Mitsubishi Xforce retains the familiar Dynamic Shield design language, with many more modern and sporty details. In addition, features such as Apple Carplay/Android Auto, wireless charging, electronic handbrake and 2-zone automatic air conditioning are all integrated into the car’s spacious and comfortable interior space.

On the Premium version, the car seats are covered in leather and the dashboard uses melange fabric that is dust-proof and easy to clean. Xforce also has many slots for small items, optimizing space and utility in actual use.

Overall, the Mitsubishi Xforce Premium is not only as well equipped as its competitors in the segment but also offers a number of unique benefits. The car promises to be the ideal choice for customers in the B-class crossover segment.

According to Forum.autodaily.vn

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