Xiaomi SU7 – Electric Vehicle Experience Fever in China

The launch of the Xiaomi SU7 electric car model caused a big wave in China, with people excitedly coming to stores to experience and deposit this model. In the first days after opening, the sight of long lines from outside to inside Xiaomi stores became common, especially in Shanghai.

According to Chinese reporters, many stores were packed with people and had to line up very early in the morning. A store manager shared that he has only slept 2 hours a day since the launch event of this car model.

Waiting times of up to 2-3 am to test drive a car have become normal, and the number of customers coming to the store continues to increase. Some stores have recorded traffic ranging from 6,000 to 10,000 people per day, with deposits exceeding 1,000 units in a day.

With this great attraction, many store employees have had to give priority to those who have made a deposit to test drive the car first, while those who have not yet made a deposit may have to wait up to two weeks. Some customers even paid a deposit to “jump” through the queue, showing great interest from consumers.

Although the majority of customers who come to experience the car are young people, including students, there are still people who want to wait for a discount before deciding to buy a car.

The Xiaomi SU7 electric car model was officially launched on the evening of March 28 with prices ranging from 21,590 to 29,990 CNY (equivalent to 740 million to 1 billion VND). After only 4 minutes of opening the sale, the number of deposit orders surpassed 10,000, 7 minutes later it increased to 20,000 and after 27 minutes it reached 50,000. After 24 hours of opening for sale, the number of deposits has reached 88,898 units.

According to Legal Life

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