Swiss labor export insurance

Purchasing Swiss labor export insurance is very important for those settling or working in this country. Here are some reasons why you need to buy Swiss labor export insurance:

  • Health protection: When living and working in Switzerland, you need health insurance to protect your health. Buying health insurance will help you not have to worry about treatment and medication costs.
  • Asset protection: Asset insurance is an important part of Swiss labor export insurance. If you are carrying many important assets or plan to buy a house or car, property insurance will help protect you against unexpected risks.
  • Protecting labor rights: Labor insurance is also an important part of Swiss labor export insurance. You need to protect your rights in case you lose your job or encounter labor-related problems.
  • Compliance with regulations: Purchasing health insurance is one of the necessary requirements to meet Swiss government regulations for immigrants.
  • Peace of mind when traveling: If you travel to Switzerland, buying travel insurance will help you feel more secure when exploring a new country without having to worry about possible risks.

In short, purchasing Swiss labor export insurance is very important to protect health, property and ensure peace of mind while traveling and living in Switzerland.

NOTE: Overseas travel insurance products are purchased and used as the following types of insurance

  • International travel insurance
  • Study abroad insurance
  • Insurance for working abroad
  • Labor export insurance
  • Family visit insurance

Therefore, if you need to use the insurance listed above, you should buy international travel insurance

Switzerland is a country in Central Europe, located between Germany, France, Italy and Austria. This is one of the richest and most developed countries in the world, with a diverse economy, famous export products such as milk, chocolate, watches, a developed tourism industry and many top universities. head.

The capital of Switzerland is Bern, but the largest and most important city is Zurich. Switzerland has many official languages, including German, French, Italian and Romansh. Food and wine are also specialties of this country.

Switzerland is famous for its beautiful landscapes and Alpine mountains, which attract many tourists to visit and climb mountains. Popular Swiss destinations include the Matterhorn, Lake Geneva, Jungfraujoch, Lucerne, Zermatt, Interlaken and the Unesco narrow railway – Bernina Express. Switzerland is also one of the best countries for winter travel, with ski resorts and other winter activities.

Swiss labor export insurance

In addition, Switzerland has good education, with many world-leading universities and research centers. The country is also famous for its international organizations, including the United Nations, the International Finance Agency, and the World Trade Organization.

In short, Switzerland is a diverse country in culture, landscape and economy, with many attractive tourist destinations.


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Bao Minh travel insurance

Bao Minh is one of the largest insurance companies in Vietnam and offers a variety of insurance services, including travel insurance. Bao Minh travel insurance includes the following benefits:

  • Health protection: Bao Minh travel insurance will protect your health in case you encounter a health incident while traveling. Benefits include treatment costs, medications, surgery costs, and other medical expenses.
  • Asset protection: Bao Minh travel insurance also protects your assets, including personal items and cash. If you lose property while traveling, this insurance will help you compensate for the damage.
  • Emergency support: If you encounter an emergency while traveling, Bao Minh will assist you in resolving issues such as lost luggage, lost credit cards, and changing airline tickets.
  • Liability protection: Bao Minh travel insurance also protects you against liability in case you cause damage to other people or other people’s property while traveling.

In addition to the above benefits, Bao Minh also offers different travel insurance packages to suit customers’ different needs, including domestic and international travel insurance. You should carefully study the terms and regulations of each insurance package to choose the most suitable insurance package for your trip.

For details about the product, see: Bao Minh travel insurance

Bao Viet travel insurance

Bao Viet travel insurance is an insurance service provided by Bao Viet Group, one of the leading insurance companies in Vietnam. Bao Viet travel insurance protects customers in case of unwanted risks occurring when traveling domestically or internationally.

Bao Viet travel insurance includes many different types of insurance, including personal accident insurance, civil liability insurance, trip cancellation insurance, lost luggage insurance, medical insurance, insurance death and insurance covers medical expenses. In addition, Bao Viet also provides other support services such as financial support when credit cards are stolen or information support about visa policies when traveling.

Customers can buy Bao Viet travel insurance directly at Bao Viet branches or through the company’s website. The insurance buying process is simple and quick, just register information and pay online.

However, to buy Bao Viet travel insurance, customers need to meet certain conditions and need to carefully read the terms and conditions of the insurance contract to clearly understand the regulations and scope of insurance. .

For details about the product, see: Bao Viet travel insurance

PVI travel insurance

PVI is one of the leading insurance companies in Vietnam and also provides travel insurance services. PVI’s travel insurance packages include:

  • International travel insurance: Protection for people traveling abroad, including health insurance, accident insurance, baggage insurance and trip cancellation insurance.
  • Domestic travel insurance: Protection for people traveling domestically, including health insurance, accident insurance and baggage insurance.
  • Combined travel insurance: Combines international travel insurance and domestic travel insurance to ensure comprehensive protection for travelers.

To buy PVI travel insurance, customers can register online on the company’s website or go to PVI transaction points nationwide. PVI also provides 24/7 customer support to answer questions and assist in emergencies.

Before purchasing travel insurance from PVI or any other insurance company, customers should carefully read the terms and conditions to clearly understand the scope of insurance, exemptions and their rights.

For details about the product, see: PVI travel insurance

Liberty travel insurance

Liberty Insurance Vietnam is one of the top non-life insurance companies in the Vietnamese market. Liberty Insurance Company entered the Vietnamese market in 2003. During the time of joining until now, Liberty Insurance has always tried to change and adapt to be more accepted and trusted by customers. The diversity of benefits and participation programs of Liberty’s global travel insurance product package has satisfied the majority of needs of many different customers. The cost of participating in the Liberty travel insurance product package varies between programs and the number of days customers travel.

For details about the product, see: Liberty travel insurance

MIC travel insurance

MIC travel insurance is a travel insurance service provided by MIC Insurance Company. This is one of the popular travel insurance packages in Vietnam with many outstanding benefits and features as follows:

  • Wide insurance coverage: MIC travel insurance package covers many types of risks during travel and tourism, including illness, accidents, trip cancellation or delay, loss of personal property, loss of luggage, and more.
  • Long-term insurance period: MIC travel insurance package provides an insurance period of up to 180 days, helping travelers feel secure to enjoy their favorite tourist destinations for a long time.
  • Reasonable insurance premium: MIC travel insurance package has a reasonable premium, suitable to the needs and budget of travelers.
  • 24/7 emergency support: Travelers receive 24/7 emergency support when encountering problems during travel, including providing medical information, help in repairing and transporting property, support Legal aid and financial information.
  • Accepted globally: MIC travel insurance packages are accepted globally and certified by reputable organizations, giving travelers peace of mind when traveling anywhere in the world.

With the above features and benefits, the MIC travel insurance package is a good choice for travelers when traveling, helping them enjoy new places safely and with peace of mind.

For details about the product, see: MIC travel insurance

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In this article, we learned about Swiss labor export insurance and the importance of purchasing this insurance for employees when working abroad. We have also mentioned the criteria to keep in mind when choosing a suitable insurance product and the reputable insurance companies that provide this service in Switzerland.

Purchasing labor export insurance is an important part of preparing for working abroad. It helps workers feel secure and protect their rights in case of unexpected situations or accidents during work.

We hope this article has helped you better understand Swiss labor export insurance and realize the importance of purchasing this insurance. Always pay attention to the criteria and choose the appropriate insurance product to protect your rights and safety while working abroad.

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