New York Police Use Technology to Catch Driving Criminals

New York Police are testing many new strategies to catch criminals and assist in detecting stolen cars, using advanced technology.

Car theft in the US in recent years has tended to increase significantly. In 2023, the number of car thefts will increase by 29%, meaning a car will be stolen every 32 seconds, according to statistics from the US Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

To minimize this situation, New York and New Jersey police have applied new methods, combining high technology to handle crimes related to the use of stolen vehicles. In difficult situations that do not allow the capture of criminals by direct pursuit, these new measures aim to trace or limit the risks involved.

First, American police used the ability to intervene in traffic lights to slow down criminals’ cars. By adjusting traffic lights, they can limit the movement of vehicles on the highway or even stop them completely, forcing criminals to stop.

Next, they implemented a completely new system called Starchase. This system is capable of firing darts equipped with GPS tracking devices at speeds of up to 50 km/h, ensuring that the device will stick to the vehicle being pursued.

Finally, area police distributed Apple’s AirTag to many car users in the area. This makes it easier for users to track the vehicle and recall it if necessary.

Previously, they introduced an automatic signage system capable of contacting the nearest police when detecting a stolen vehicle.

New measures by US police promise to reduce the time it takes to track stolen cars from days to hours, or even less. At the same time, the risks associated with high-speed pursuits will also be significantly reduced.

According to Legal Life

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