“Electric Vehicle Charging Street” – A Convenient and Progressive Solution for Electric Vehicles in Australia

In a groundbreaking step, the Waverley government in Australia has implemented the “electric vehicle charging street” project, placing charging points right on street light poles, creating a convenient charging space model and equitable sharing space for electric cars and gasoline cars.

Featured Charging Point Integrated into Street Light Pole

On Glenayr Avenue in Bondi, Waverley has trially installed five charging capacitors integrated directly into lampposts, using single-port 7kW AC ChargeMates. This model takes advantage of available space and does not interfere with traditional parking, opening up the possibility of conveniently charging the vehicle.

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These new street light poles are not simply charging points but are also designed to ensure enough space for charging and lighting, maintaining the same basic function as regular light poles. This creates a unique “electric vehicle charging street”, changing the urban landscape and solving the charging problem for residents living in apartments.

Testing Special Parking Spaces for Charging Electric Vehicles

At the same time, Waverley authorities also tested parking spaces only for charging electric vehicles around light poles and charging capacitors. This is to create a separate and fair space, avoiding conflicts between gasoline car owners and electric car owners about using the same parking space.

Test Results and Development Potential

Charging street light poles have attracted more than 210 vehicles to use in the area since November 2023. Charging cost is 0.43 USD/kWh, equivalent to more than 10,000 VND. This project highlights the necessity of integrating charging spaces into urban infrastructure.

The nine-month trial focused on evaluating the feasibility and utilization rate of this model compared to traditional charging points. “Electric vehicle charging street” not only brings convenience to electric vehicle owners but is also part of a comprehensive urban landscape renovation project.

Challenging and Uniting the Electric Vehicle Community in Australia

Investing in home charging points remains challenging in Australia due to high costs and complex processes. “Electric vehicle charging streets” become a temporary solution, helping to reduce conflicts between gasoline and electric vehicle owners and at the same time create motivation for the development of comprehensive charging infrastructure in Australia.

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