MIC body insurance

Currently, the demand for cars in our country is increasing day by day, leading to the need for more and more insurance for cars. Therefore, in addition to compulsory civil liability insurance according to current law, car owners have also participated in an additional body insurance package for comprehensive protection. , most timely when unfortunately encountering risks or accidents while using a car. And when mentioning body insurance, it is impossible not to mention MIC insurance issuer – one of the leading insurance brands that many customers choose to trust. So MIC body insurance What benefits does it bring? Is the benefit level attractive or what is the fee set? Please join IBAOHIEM in the sharing article below to find the answer to that problem!

MIC Insurance’s full name is Military Insurance Joint Stock Corporation, established in 2007 and right after its establishment, MIC brought customers the first 80 products that received a lot of recognition. Positive feedback from partners and customers. And after nearly 20 years of establishment and development, MIC has not only become the best insurance unit for units under the Ministry of Defense but also serves all customers outside the market with more than 100 products. Various insurance products such as: personal insurance, property insurance, technical insurance, cargo insurance, mixed insurance,… especially, not to mention the outstanding motor vehicle insurance program with package MIC body insurance It is a type of voluntary insurance, but always receives a lot of trust and appreciation from customers in the market.

MIC body insurance

First of all, when participating in body insurance, you will not have to worry about car repair bills, because MIC supports insurance payments to customers through two mechanisms: direct guarantee when you use Repair service at linked garage; or pay indirectly within 15 working days from receipt of valid claim documents, in case you use services at any other garage outside the linked list;

Next, if unfortunately your car is damaged or damaged due to objective causes such as: crash, collision, overturning, center of gravity deviation, sinking/crashing, fire, natural disaster, or even If there is a total loss due to theft/robbery, etc., MIC will ensure that you pay part or all of the bill arising from handling that incident;

And in addition to the compensation amount, MIC body insurance also supports the car owner with necessary and reasonable costs according to the agreement so that you can carry out the work as requested and instructed when a loss occurs such as: costs to prevent additional losses, costs rescue and transportation fees, etc.;

In particular, this is also a product that is highly appreciated for its preferential premium rates applied to customers, because the body insurance premium is calculated as a percentage of the actual value of the vehicle at the time of insurance purchase and must be considered. to other factors such as: additional terms (water jacking, repair at genuine garage,…), previous year’s compensation level, vehicle age, vehicle type, vehicle use purpose,…

Not only that, MIC is also committed to bringing the best and most dedicated service experiences to customers, with a system of independent inspection companies, an extensive affiliated guarantee system, and flexible participation methods. operating, issuing addresses, insurance consulting nationwide,…

And hopefully with the above sharing, IBAOHIEM has helped you better visualize the role and value of MIC body insurance

Learn more about the product here: MIC car insurance

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