PVI reinsurance

PVI Insurance has affirmed its strong position in the field of non-life insurance and built a trustworthy reputation throughout its more than 25 years of operation in the Vietnamese insurance market. During the process of formation and development, PVI has continuously improved and innovated better to meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers. The focus on creating diverse insurance programs, improving customer care services, expanding the operating network, etc. has helped PVI gain increasingly stronger positions in the market. insurance, receiving much trust and appreciation from customers and partners. Not only outstanding in providing non-life insurance products, life insurance for individuals and organizations, PVI is also known as a reputable insurance brand in the field of reinsurance. . So PVI reinsurance What is that? Will customers benefit from any insurance benefits from this process? Please join IBAOHIEM in the sharing article below to find answers to those concerns!

Reinsurance is a professional activity carried out between insurance businesses. Accordingly, insurance businesses will transfer part of the insurance responsibility committed to customers to another insurance company, on the basis of ceding to that insurer a part of the insurance costs through the contract. reinsurance contract.

Therefore, it is understandable PVI reinsurance is the abbreviation for PVI insurance company specializing in reinsurance. And by implementing reinsurance, insurance companies can share some of the financial risk with other partners, helping businesses minimize the impact of unwanted events and diversify funds. finance.

PVI reinsurance

PVI Reinsurance Company – is one of the subsidiaries of Vietnam National Petroleum Group, established in August 2011. This company was established with the mission of becoming a reinsurance company. Leading professional in the Vietnamese insurance market and an international brand. To date, PVI is one of two officially operating reinsurance companies, and has achieved many achievements in the insurance field;

In just a short period of time after starting operations, PVI reinsurance company (PVIRe) has achieved a remarkable achievement. Becoming the first reinsurance enterprise in Vietnam to be recognized by the international credit rating organization AM Best. Receiving a credit rating from AM Best is a notable step, demonstrating the business’s ability to manage risk and provide reliable reinsurance services. This is also an important step in promoting business development PVI reinsurance both domestically and internationally, while strengthening their position in the Vietnamese insurance industry.

And currently, this insurance business provides and supports reinsurance services for many different insurance programs such as energy insurance (well control insurance, offshore construction insurance, rig insurance). mobile drilling,…); aviation insurance (loss of use insurance, aviation liability insurance, hull replacement parts,…); marine insurance (cargo insurance, shipbuilding insurance,…); property insurance (all property risk insurance; fire and standard risk insurance,…); vehicle insurance; Accident insurance, health care, etc.

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