PVI Oil and Gas Insurance Company

With the advent, development and positive impact of insurance in life, people can feel more secure and focus more on promoting personal and family development. At the same time, ensuring financial security through insurance in the future also helps us stabilize financial resources for ourselves and our families. Therefore, insurance has long been considered an important and indispensable companion in every person’s life journey. Besides, there are currently many businesses participating in the insurance market, constantly bringing attractive products, high benefits and preferential fees to customers when participating. Therefore, in the article below IBAOHIEM would like to introduce to you PVI Oil and Gas Insurance Company – one of the leading insurance companies in our country’s insurance market today.

The birth and development of PVI Oil and Gas Insurance Company has created a strong influence, leaving a deep mark in the non-life insurance industry in Vietnam. Over more than 25 years of operation, PVI has built a strong position and solid reputation, demonstrating reliability in providing quality insurance products and services. With a long journey and constant striving, PVI not only maintains but also promotes continuous development and innovation. This is clearly shown in the company’s commitment to continuous improvement to best meet customer needs, further developing unique insurance services that are suitable for the market and bring bringing real value to every customer segment in the insurance market.

PVI Oil and Gas Insurance Company

Currently PVI Oil and Gas Insurance Company has designed many different insurance programs to serve two important customer groups: individual customers and corporate customers. Insurance packages are created based on the specific needs of each customer group, to ensure that they receive the best protection. Such as:

For individual customers, these are products: health insurance, personal accident insurance, motor vehicle insurance, travel insurance, cancer insurance, fire and explosion insurance,…;

For business customers, including products such as: oil and gas insurance, ship insurance, Property-Technical insurance, financial risk insurance, cargo insurance, aviation insurance,…

It can be seen here that PVI has created a diverse range of insurance products to ensure that every customer, from individuals to businesses, can find an insurance solution that suits their needs. . This demonstrates PVI’s interest and adaptability in responding to the diverse requirements and desires of all customer segments in the insurance market.

If you are still wondering about choosing an insurance program or a superior financial protection plan when participating in insurance at PVI, you can contact us at IBAOHIEM – one of the leading addresses specializing in providing insurance. , support and provide services of insurance products issued by Bao Viet, PVI, MIC, Bao Minh, VNI, PJICO,… committed to bringing you safe and accurate support and services. and fastest.

Hopefully the above sharing from IBAOHIEM has helped you understand better PVI Oil and Gas Insurance Company.

Learn product details here: PVI Insurance

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