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Peace of mind in life is a goal that everyone wants to have, because it represents a stable life, where we feel safe, healthy and financially stable. However, that peace of mind will be difficult to obtain if we always live in a state of anxiety about the possibility of facing unexpected situations or financial losses that can occur at any time. Therefore, to establish more peace of mind and financial security in the future, many people choose to own at least one insurance program. Because insurance will help customers compensate part or all of the damage they have suffered with the insurance compensation amount agreed in the contract. Therefore, this article is shared Buy international travel insurance Below, IBAOHIEM will help you better visualize the value and role of insurance in general and travel insurance in particular as people’s travel needs are increasing.

International travel insurance or foreign travel insurance is a form of voluntary insurance that customers can participate in depending on their personal needs and desires. This product is designed to ensure that travelers can easily face and resolve risky situations during their travels, while creating peace of mind and safety for their journey to explore the world. customers at any time, anywhere.

Buy international travel insurance

Buy international travel insurance Not only does it help customers establish peace of mind, reduce the financial burden when unfortunately encountering risks and damages during travel with support such as: support for hospital fees, pharmaceuticals and other medical expenses. Necessary medical services so you can restore your health quickly; Solve problems with lost or stolen documents, luggage or money; support in case the flight is late or takes longer than expected, etc. In many cases, you need to participate in this product to be issued a valid visa. Because according to regulations in some countries and territories around the world, visa cards are only issued validly when tourists have participated in international travel insurance, such as countries such as Russia, Canada, and Japan. , Korea, UAE (United Arab Emirates), some countries in the Schengen area (European bloc),…

Currently on the insurance market there are many brands providing this product such as Bao Viet, Bao Minh, PVI, VNI, MIC, Liberty,… For each business, an international travel insurance program will be set up. Diversely designed into many different component insurance packages, with diverse additional terms for customers to choose from. Besides, each customer’s travel needs are not the same, may vary in destination, length or shortness of the trip, etc. Therefore, depending on each specific case, the cost of travel insurance International schedules will be applied flexibly for each different customer.

Therefore, to get more information about benefits, how to participate in insurance, and especially the fees for each program package you want to participate in, you can contact IBAOHIEM via hotline 0966.490.888 / 0966.795.333 to receive the fastest and most accurate support and answers from a team of professional consultants.

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Learn product details here: Travel insurance

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