List of PVI hospitals

One of the important benefits of health insurance is increased access to high-quality medical services at many different medical facilities for customers during the insurance participation process. This brings convenience and flexibility in choosing a medical facility that suits each person’s needs and health situation. Furthermore, insurance programs are often affiliated with leading hospitals across the country, along with a direct guarantee mechanism for hospital bills – this helps customers reduce the financial burden they face. At the same time, the procedures and documents that need to be completed upon discharge from the hospital will become simpler and faster. Therefore, in the article below, IBAOHIEM would like to share with you List of PVI hospitalsas well as attractive values ​​and benefits when participating in health care insurance issued by the PVI brand.

Established in 1996, Vietnam Petroleum Insurance Joint Stock Corporation (abbreviated as PVI) has gradually developed strongly from an internal insurance organization under the management of Vietnam Petroleum Corporation. Nam (now Vietnam National Petroleum Group – PVN), and has now become a leading name in the field of industrial insurance in Vietnam. With a wealth of experience and accumulated reputation, PVI has ranked first in many important fields in the insurance market, such as Energy with absolute market share, Maritime and Property – Engineering,… to insurance. providing insurance products close to life, to individual customers such as health insurance, motor vehicle insurance, travel insurance, fire and explosion insurance, etc. Therefore, up to now, PVI has received Many are considered a reputable and strong unit, honored by domestic and foreign organizations with many prestigious awards.

List of PVI hospitals

List of PVI hospitals are understood to be medical facilities with which PVI has established an association, in order to provide timely financial support to customers during health examination and treatment when participating in PVI health care insurance. through the regulation of guaranteeing hospital fees directly to customers. In other words, when participating in health insurance at PVI, if customers are treated for health problems such as illness, accident, disease, maternity, dentistry or even death at one of Medical facilities on this list will receive direct insurance compensation support from PVI.

And to create the most favorable conditions for customers in the health care process, PVI has established extensive links with more than 130 leading hospitals nationwide (this list is still being expanded), including public hospitals, private hospitals, medical examination departments with international standards, even hospitals with extremely expensive costs such as: Central Children’s Hospital – International Center, Central Dermatology Hospital Central Military Hospital 108 – Periodic Health Examination Center, Thu Cuc International General Hospital, Tam Anh General Hospital, Tu Du Hospital, Saigon Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, General Hospital Vinmec Times City International Department, Vinmec Phu Quoc International General Hospital,…

So to better understand the benefits when visiting these medical facilities, as well as have more detailed information about insurance benefits and addresses of each hospital in the hospital. List of PVI hospitals You can contact us at IBAOHIEM via hotline 0966.490.888 / 0966.795.333 to receive the fastest, most accurate and timely support from our team of consultants.

Hopefully with the above sharing, IBAOHIEM has helped you gain more useful information about the list of hospitals that PVI supports in guaranteeing hospital fees for customers.

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