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In life, we cannot avoid risks and unexpected incidents. Accidents can happen at any time and anywhere, from work, long distance travel to our daily activities, fun and entertainment activities. The severity of these accidents varies, from mild, temporary inconveniences to our financial situation, to profound impacts that affect our health and lives. Therefore, in order to receive timely protection, as well as prepare a strong and available financial resource in case of accident risks, many people choose to buy an accident insurance card. And prominent among the insurance businesses providing this product that receives a lot of appreciation and trust from customers is PVI. So is PVI accident insurance reputable? Should I Buy PVI accident insurance online? What benefits does this product provide? Please join IBAOHIEM in the sharing article below to find answers to those concerns!

PVI online accident insurance is an accident insurance product designed by PVI whose full name is Vietnam Petroleum Insurance Corporation, and this product is provided to customers via online form. Instead of having to go directly to the office, insurance company, or schedule a consultation in advance with a consultant, customers can learn about and own PVI accident insurance online at any time or need. any location, through an electronic device with an internet connection such as a laptop or smartphone.

Buy PVI accident insurance online

In essence Buy PVI accident insurance online The only difference is in the method of finding out, participating in contracts, and enjoying insurance benefits, which is completely conducted remotely; The benefits and fees that you will enjoy when participating in this product will be regulated similarly to the method of participating in traditional direct PVI accident insurance as before. Specifically, the information and benefits about this product are as follows:

PVI’s personal accident insurance is a popular choice for many families because of its broad coverage of the insured population from 01 to 70 years old – this program applies to all Vietnamese citizens as well as foreigners. Foreigners working and studying in Vietnam;

Besides, life cannot predict risks and accidents that can happen at any time and any place, whether we live at home, work, participate in traffic, or travel. exploration schedule…. That’s why Buy PVI accident insurance online is not only a quick convenience, but also a way to ensure financial and emotional security for customers in all situations;

In particular, when an insurance event occurs, PVI will commit to paying quickly and effectively to ensure the interests of the insured, within 15 days after receiving the claim file. usually valid. This demonstrates PVI’s dedication and ability to respond quickly to customers’ urgent needs during difficult times;

Furthermore, when you own this product from PVI, you can choose any legal medical facility to examine and treat risks of accidents related to your body. This helps you easily access medical services in the most convenient and quick way without worrying too much about hospital fees or additional living expenses.

Hopefully, with the above sharing, IBAOHIEM has helped you better understand the role and value of life Buy PVI accident insurance online

Learn product details here: PVI accident insurance

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