PVI insurance rules

Insurance is a risk management option used to financially protect customers in the event of an accident or loss within the scope and insurance period agreed in the contract. When customers participate in insurance, they will pay a small insurance amount (called insurance premium) to receive financial support and compensation from the insurance company, which greatly contributes to the Reduce the financial burden and pressure of unexpected damage costs you face. Besides, one of the major insurance brands receiving a lot of attention, trust, and appreciation from customers today is PVI. So what insurance programs does PVI Insurance offer? Compliance is required PVI insurance rules How can the process of participating and enjoying insurance benefits take place in the most convenient way? Please join IBAOHIEM to share these concerns below to better understand!

Insurance rules are the basic principles and underlying benefits of an insurance contract that both the policyholder and the insurance company must follow. These rules help clearly define the rights and responsibilities of both parties, ensure transparency, fairness and ensure effective implementation of insurance contracts. Accordingly, it can be understood PVI insurance rules are the principles and regulations that PVI businesses and customers need to comply with during the implementation of any insurance contracts that have been concluded. Normally this insurance policy will be issued with the contract set that customers receive from PVI.

PVI insurance rules

Because insurance rules are established based on the goodwill of the parties, and especially based on the characteristics and objects of the insurance contract, with more than 100 different insurance program packages of PVI, There are corresponding separate insurance rules established. Normally insurance rules will include the following main contents:

Explain words and terms used in the contract to agree on the understanding of the parties;

Scope of insurance, risks and damages that PVI commits to pay for customers during the insurance period;

Rights and obligations of the parties – this is also a very important part PVI insurance rules Because based on this, the tasks that must be followed and the benefits of the participating parties will be determined;

Insurance compensation is the amount of money that PVI commits to pay to customers. This amount can be partial or full compensation depending on the commitments in the contract;

Timelines mentioned in the rules such as: insurance validity, contract expiration date, automatic extension period (if any),…;

The fee that needs to be paid for the insurance product that the customer has participated in, including calculation method as well as component fees of the product;

Insurance exclusion points – are understood as cases in which the customer does not receive compensation from PVI even within the insurance period agreed upon when entering into the insurance contract;

There are also other contents such as: components of insurance claim documents, insurance complaints, insurance deductions, other additional benefits, etc. And hopefully with the above sharing of IBAOHIEM has helped you better understand the role and contents of the program PVI insurance rules.

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