MIC travel insurance

With the growing socio-economic development, the services that serve people’s needs and lives are also increasingly diverse and improved. Among them, the strong development strength of the insurance sector in our country’s market today. And contributing to the strong and sustainable development of the insurance sector is the increasing entry of different insurance brands into the insurance market, including the current major insurance brands. today such as Bao Viet, PVI, PTI, Liberty, VBI,… Especially, it is impossible not to mention the MIC insurance brand – one of the leading non-life insurance brands that receives a lot of trust from people today. now. Therefore, in the sharing article below, IBAOHIEM would like to introduce to you the program MIC travel insurance – top of MIC’s best-selling products today as the travel needs of our country’s people are increasing.

MIC Insurance is the abbreviation of Military Insurance Joint Stock Corporation, established by decision of the Central Military Commission and received a license from the Ministry of Finance in 2007. Through a process of formation and development With long-term development, up to now MIC has built a strong brand, becoming one of the leading insurers in the market, providing financial solutions and the best protection plans for people. Besides, MIC not only affirmed its position as the best insurance unit for units under the Ministry of Defense, but also expanded its scope of operations to serve all customers. Currently, the company has developed more than 100 diverse insurance products, meeting the requirements of all customers, outstanding among them are MIC travel insurance

MIC travel insurance

Currently, customers’ needs for insurance participation are extremely diverse. To best meet this need, MIC has designed and provided a wider variety of different travel insurance packages and programs, to help customers make choices suitable to their specific situations and needs. Their includes:

MIC domestic travel insurance, this product protects customers against risks when traveling domestically, such as: death, bodily injury due to accidents, death due to illness, unexpected illness, death or physical injury due to the insured’s participation in saving people, saving property of the state and people, and fighting against illegal acts…;

MIC international travel insurance, provides protection for customers on trips abroad against risks such as: death, physical injury due to accidents, illness, and sudden illness during Insurance period, damage to luggage, personal belongings, lost documents, flight problems, etc., and in many cases, participating in travel insurance is also one of the conditions for being granted insurance. valid visa.

With the diversity of insurance programs and packages, along with each customer’s different travel needs, prices are MIC travel insurance applied extremely flexibly in each customer case. Therefore, for more detailed advice on insurance programs, insurance benefits in different travel insurance packages, or how to choose the most suitable insurance package, you can contact us. Contact us at IBAOHIEM – one of the leading reputable addresses specializing in providing insurance products designed by leading insurance brands such as Bao Viet, MIC, PVI, VBI,… along with a team of experts. Professional consultants, flexible participation methods, transparent public policies, … committed to bringing you the best and safest services.

Above are the answers IBAOHIEM wants to share with you about the program MIC travel insurance

Learn product details here: MIC travel insurance

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