PVI car material insurance

Accidents and risks while using a car are inevitable that any car owner must face, no matter how prepared we are or how we apply preventive measures when using the car. . And to reduce the financial burden arising during the process of cleaning up and overcoming that risk, many car owners have chosen to own an additional car insurance card. Because when unexpected events such as accidents, disasters or other losses occur, customers can receive compensation from the insurance company. This helps them quickly overcome difficult situations and maintain daily life without having to worry about significant financial loss. Therefore, in the sharing article below, IBAOHIEM would like to introduce to you the program PVI car material insurance– one of the leading insurance brands receiving a lot of appreciation and trust from many customers today.

PVI car material insurance is an insurance product for the entire insured car, from the exterior body to all internal equipment and structures, including the engine (except cosmetic accessories that are not from the original manufacturer).

In case of unexpected incidents or risks such as collision, crashing into an obstacle, overturning the vehicle, submersion, falling from a height, fire, explosion, natural disaster, or even loss due to theft or robbery,… when participating in insurance, PVI will ensure to pay part or all of the necessary costs to overcome the situation. This gives you the ability to quickly and easily overcome unexpected risks and damages you may face.

PVI applies the fee for purchasing vehicle physical insurance according to the formula: insurance fee = percentage x actual value of the car at the time of purchasing insurance. And this fee is also affected by other factors such as: additional insurance terms chosen by the customer such as water damage, damage occurring outside the territory of Vietnam, replacement without depreciation,…; age of the vehicle; vehicle use purpose; or promotional codes that PVI offers to customers,…

With such fee regulations, you can easily own the product PVI car material insurance without having to worry about the costs you need to pay for each insurance program you want to own.

If you are still wondering about specific insurance packages and want to know clearly about the insurance participation fee you need to pay, you can contact IBAOHIEM. We are proud to be a leading reputable address, specializing in providing support and introducing insurance products developed by reputable units such as Bao Viet, PVI, MIC, VNI, Liberty, etc. Committed to providing you with transparent information about insurance packages and diverse participation processes to suit your needs. Our team of consultants are experienced experts, ready to advise and answer all your questions.

Hopefully with the above sharing, IBAOHIEM has helped you visualize the product more clearly PVI car material insurance

Learn product details here: PVI accident insurance

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