Crew accident insurance

Every career comes with challenges and difficulties that workers must face and find ways to overcome them. In particular, in jobs related to activities on rivers and seas, where ships have to face waves, wind and deep water, risks are always present, with many potential risks of occupational accidents. Especially the work of captains, vice captains and people working on ships, they often face many risks and difficulties every time they leave the port. Wind and waves, erratic weather, and the unpredictability of the sea all create a high-risk environment. Therefore, seafarer insurance was designed with the goal of protecting these people from unexpected dangers and ensuring that they have a safer working environment and have financial assets. certain steps to quickly overcome difficulties and stabilize life. Therefore, the article shared about Crew accident insurance Below from IBAOHIEM will help you better visualize the role, value and fees when participating in this insurance product.

Crew accident insurance is an insurance product in the group of accident insurance programs for humans. This product has the function of supporting and paying part or all of the necessary and reasonable expenses for the insured person when unfortunately encountering accidents and risks related to working activities on the ship. boat. This mechanism helps insurance customers quickly stabilize their lives and reduce financial pressure when unfortunately encountering risks and accidents beyond their control.

Crew accident insurance

Crew accident insurance has the insured subjects being members on the ship, including the captain, chief engineer, officers, sailors and workers on the ship. This product is intended to ensure and support emergency and unexpected situations that occur during work and living on waterway vehicles such as rivers, lakes, canals, lagoons, ferries and sea areas. of Vietnam. Accordingly, this product brings the following benefits:

In case a seafarer dies due to an accident while performing duties on board the ship or while working on shore or underwater, the insurance will pay compensation to the beneficiary specified previously;

If a crew member is involved in an accident that results in permanent physical disability, Crew accident insurance Compensation will be paid based on the level of injury determined in the contract;

In case a seafarer goes missing due to an accident while working on the ship or while working on shore or underwater, insurance will pay compensation corresponding to the agreed terms;

In addition, this product also has extended provisions for cases where seafarers unfortunately face accidents, injuries, or even death outside the time of ship repair.

Currently this product is provided by many different insurance brands such as Bao Viet, PVI, MIC, PTI, VNI, Bao Minh,… each business will bring customers attractive insurance programs, diverse with superior benefits, preferential fees, and many flexible choices. Therefore, to choose the insurance product that best suits your desires and existing financial needs, you can contact us at IBAOHIEM – one of the leading reputable addresses specializing in distributing and providing providing insurance products from leading major insurance brands, committed to bringing you the best and safest services when participating.

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Learn product details here: Accident insurance

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