Mercedes-Benz launches an elegant new Tap-lo panel at CES 2024: New Features and Trends

Mercedes-Benz has officially revealed an extremely impressive new dashboard at the CES 2024 technology exhibition, an event held in Las Vegas, USA this coming January. This update will specifically appear on the company’s car models from next year, bringing a top entertainment experience to users.

The system uses a virtual assistant activated via the command “Hey Mercedes,” helping to interact strongly and naturally with the driver. Immersive communication makes it easy for users to activate many features using just voice commands.

MBUX not only improves the software but also significantly changes the graphics. Using Unity’s high-resolution game engine, the new console offers a stunning and modern graphical experience.

The new interface launched at CES 2024 is considered an idea. However, according to Mercedes-Benz’s announcement, this MBUX infotainment system may appear on some of its car models from next year.

Previously, Mercedes-Benz introduced the new interface of the MBUX infotainment system on the CLA Class concept model at the Munich exhibition in September. It is expected that when this model launches in 2024, the infotainment system will be introduced at the same time, bringing a unique and convenient experience to drivers.

In addition, Mercedes-Benz will also bring to CES 2024 a pure electric version of the G-Class called EQG so that users can explore and experience leading technology in the field of electric cars.

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