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Nowadays, the strength of an insurance business is not only reflected in capital, revenue, and appreciation of customers and partners during operations; A strong business is also highly appreciated for establishing a large operating network. Because, with such a large operating system, it not only helps the business’s brand be known by many customers; but by expanding its operating network to many different territories and scopes, insurance companies can take advantage of geographical advantages in each region. Businesses can serve a diverse customer base and meet the unique needs of each region, which helps increase market share and expand potential customers. One of the current insurance businesses known for its extremely large operating system is PVI, so in the article below IBAOHIEM would like to share with you information about PVI South– Current system of member businesses under PVI.

PVI South is the abbreviation of PVI Southern Insurance Company, a prominent member in the system of Vietnam Petroleum Insurance Joint Stock Corporation, commonly known by the abbreviation PVI. This company has attracted high appreciation from customers nationwide, especially in the Southern region since its official establishment in 2011. With an important role in the network of member companies , PVI Southern has contributed to bringing PVI closer to customers and creating conditions for them to easily find and build for themselves insurance programs and superior financial protection from PVI.

Besides, PVI Southern Insurance Company is not only a part of PVI’s organizational structure, but also shows interest and focus on serving customers in the Southern region. The birth of this company has helped create a trusted and reputable brand, while bringing convenience and diverse choices to customers looking for customized and suitable insurance solutions. needs of all customer segments. And currently, PVI Southern is headquartered on the 19th Floor of PetroVietnam Building, 1-5 Le Duan – Ben Nghe Ward – District 1 – Ho Chi Minh City.

Southern PVI

As shared above, PVI South The main business is providing non-life insurance services designed by PVI, and when coming to PVI you will have many different protection options, helping to improve the quality of life, Minimize the financial pressure you face when participating in insurance. Because PVI is committed to providing quick and timely compensation, directly or indirectly, within 15 days of receiving the customer’s valid claim file.

Some current insurance products that PVI is providing include: PVI care health insurance, accident insurance, motor vehicle insurance, travel insurance, fire and explosion insurance, home insurance. private,… or other insurance products specialized for businesses such as energy insurance, aviation insurance, ship insurance, financial risk insurance,… For each program, PVI will design Designed with different participation terms, attractive benefits and preferential fees, all customers receive comprehensive protection in today’s life.

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