Hospital affiliated with PVI insurance

Life has potential risks and random incidents that we cannot predict, they can be incidents of health, property, body, etc. In which incidents of health, illness or Illnesses are unexpected risks, and when they appear, we often have to spend a large amount of money to quickly treat and restore health at medical facilities. Therefore, to establish peace of mind during health examination and treatment, and to reduce the financial burden they face, many people have chosen to buy voluntary health insurance products to receive benefits. Enjoy guarantee policy at affiliated hospitals. And one of the prominent insurance brands specializing in providing health insurance programs for customers today is PVI. So is PVI health insurance good? The PVI insurance affiliated hospital Is it a public or private hospital? How to join this insurance program as quickly as possible? The article shared below by IBAOHIEM will help you answer those concerns.

PVI health insurance is an insurance program that provides medical benefits to insured customers: by paying part or all of hospital bills when the insured person unfortunately encounters medical problems. health such as illness, disease, accident, maternity, dental and even death while participating in health insurance at PVI. Accordingly, when owning a health insurance program, customers will experience the best medical examination and treatment services and save maximum time. Customers can enjoy high-quality, even expensive, medical care at hospital facilities, including private and international hospitals, without worrying about hospital fees due to the This has been guaranteed to be covered by PVI.

Hospital affiliated with PVI insurance

Currently, PVI has two insurance compensation mechanisms: direct guarantee of hospital fees when the insured person has health examination and treatment at medical facilities. PVI insurance affiliated hospital; and pay indirectly within 15 days from the date PVI receives a valid insurance claim file, in case the insured person uses health care services at any legal medical facility. any on Vietnamese territory. Thus, even without health examination and treatment at hospitals affiliated with PVI, customers are still guaranteed their rights and are supported to pay hospital bills within a reasonable period of time. This helps customers reduce financial pressure as well as create a more comfortable and secure mind when receiving treatment and health care.

And up to now, the number of hospitals that PVI is affiliated with is considered to be widespread across the country, extremely diverse, not only in public hospitals and on-demand examination departments but also in private hospitals and clinics. domestically, with more than 130 hospitals across the country. Among them, in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City there are more than 30 quality hospitals, in Vung Tau more than 10 hospitals,…

For example, some hospitals are rated top in the country in terms of medical service quality such as: 108, Viet Duc, Central Dermatology, Hong Ngoc, Thu Cuc, Hung Vuong, Vinmec, Tu Du, Traditional Medicine , Vigor Health,….

Hopefully the above sharing from IBAOHIEM has helped you better grasp the information about PVI insurance affiliated hospitalfor more detailed information about insurance benefits or the most detailed list of hospitals at your residence, you can contact us at IBAOHIEM via hotline 0966.490.888 / 0966.795.333 to receive support. , quick and accurate answers from a team of professional consultants.

Learn product details here: PVI health insurance

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