The country has allowed sales of Daihatsu-Toyota cars to resume after self-inspection of safety

Certified safe after a self-performed inspection process, Daihatsu-Toyota vehicle sales are officially back on the market, affirming its commitment to quality and safety. This action is the result of strong acceptance and resolution by Indonesian authorities, which are leading the investigation into the safety fraud scandal.

According to information from The Japan Times, Indonesian authorities have conducted their own safety inspection process and confirmed that Daihatsu-Toyota vehicles meet safety standards. This has paved the way for the delivery of vehicles back to domestic users. The government’s quick approval not only restored consumer confidence but also maintained Daihatsu’s position as the second best-selling brand in Indonesia, behind only Toyota.

In the Indonesian market, Daihatsu is holding the second position with great influence from the parent brand, Toyota. For that reason, the Indonesian government quickly handled this issue to prevent any long-term negative effects on the domestic auto market.

In addition, other Southeast Asian countries are also conducting safety checks on vehicle models from Toyota and other domestic partners such as Malaysia’s Perodua, to ensure that no fraud exists. This demonstrates the automotive industry’s determination to ensure safety and reliability for consumers.

Notably, Daihatsu has temporarily suspended the delivery and export of all car models from December 20, after an independent investigation discovered safety issues related to 64 car models, including Nearly 20 car models are sold under the Toyota brand. The investigation has shed light on the massive scale of the problem, raising questions about its impact on global markets.

With an output of 1.1 million cars in the first 10 months of 2023 and 40% being exported vehicles, Daihatsu is working to restore its reputation through serious quality control measures and commitment to safety. of the user. In this way, they hope to maintain their position in the global auto market and continue to actively contribute to a sustainable and safe auto industry.

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