PVI 2-way body insurance

A car is a large, highly valuable asset and in the process of operating and using a car, we cannot foresee all the unfortunate situations and risky damages that can occur at any time. at any time, from small collisions to serious accidents, leading to serious damage to the vehicle, even causing loss of life. And of course, even though the damage does not cause many unfortunate consequences or is easily repaired, in all cases, to quickly fix the damage requires us to spend an unreasonable amount of money. little clown. Therefore, in order to reduce damage and risks during car use, as well as establish peace of mind and timely assurance, many car owners have chosen to buy PVI 2-way body insurance. So is this product released by PVI good? Is 2-way vehicle body insurance mandatory? Are the fees expensive? The article shared below by IBAOHIEM will help you answer that.

Two-way car insurance is a special type of insurance that includes payments to both parties in a collision: the policyholder and the accident victim. This insurance product includes two main parts: civil liability insurance and voluntary auto insurance. Accordingly, PVI 2-way body insurance is a combined insurance program designed by the PVI insurance brand, which is a combination of automobile civil liability insurance and an insurance package of the voluntary insurance type, body insurance. car.

PVI 2-way body insurance

As shared, this product will provide comprehensive protection from both sides to customers during the insurance process, specifically:

Civil liability insurance is a type of mandatory insurance that vehicle owners must participate in according to the provisions of Article 58 of the Road Traffic Law, and this product has the function of compensating the third party (the party that was collided). in case the car owner/driver causes damage. Accordingly, PVI will support customers to pay part or all of the insurance amount with a maximum limit of: 150 million VND/person/case if the third person suffers damage to their health, life and 100 million VND. contract/case if a third person suffers property damage;

Remaining program of the product PVI 2-way body insurance is a vehicle insurance package that helps compensate for the repair or replacement of your vehicle if it is damaged due to an accident, collision, center deviation, fall, sinking, fire, explosion, theft, etc. This ensures that you have timely financial support to repair damage and maintain the best, safest operating condition of your truck. In addition, when participating in this product, you will also be supported by PVI with additional costs such as transporting the vehicle to the nearest repair place, and costs to prevent and limit additional damages.

Therefore, two-way car insurance provides a comprehensive and reliable solution to protect customers’ finances, assets, and responsibilities in the unfortunate event of an accident or incident. unexpectedly when using a car, this also helps car owners feel secure, creating a more comfortable and secure state of mind when driving.

Hopefully with the above sharing, IBAOHIEM has helped you better visualize the program PVI 2-way body insurance.

Learn product details here: PVI car insurance

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