PVI auto insurance

PVI is not only a provider of insurance products for human health and life. This unit is also widely known for insurance products for important human assets such as auto insurance, home insurance, etc. So PVI auto insurance What is it, is this a good product or not? Let’s learn about this type of insurance with IBAOHIEM through the article below.

Cars are the vehicle that sticks with many customers on the roads as well as following people on many life journeys. This can be considered one of many high-priced assets. On the journey in traffic, we cannot guarantee that the car will not cause any collisions, but the costs of repair and remodeling are very expensive. To help customers get some support with costs, PVI designs packages PVI auto insurance with many features, helping to protect your car in the most optimal way.

PVI auto insurance

PVI auto insurance is divided into 3 types such as: compulsory civil liability insurance, motor vehicle physical damage insurance (PVI body insurance), vehicle occupant insurance and co-driver accident insurance. . Customers can participate in suitable auto insurance packages to provide the most comprehensive and optimal vehicle protection.

PVI car material insurance: Automobile physical insurance helps car owners be protected in cases of collision, overturning, sinking, falling of the entire vehicle, or being hit by other objects; fires, explosions or in cases of force majeure due to nature such as storms, floods, lightning strikes, thunderstorms, earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis. When the vehicle is stolen, the entire vehicle is lost, or other people intentionally sabotage the vehicle, the insurance company will also be responsible for compensating the vehicle owner. In addition, PVI material insurance also designs additional provisions such as parts theft insurance, excluding depreciation of spare parts and new replacement materials, choosing a genuine repair facility, and damage insurance. engine due to hydraulic shock.

The fee schedule for this type of insurance depends on many factors, the type of vehicle, the year of use, and the purpose of using the vehicle. However, in general, the fees for PVI physical insurance are very suitable and have a very small fee ratio.

Civil liability insurance: This is a type of compulsory insurance regulated by the state to protect unfortunate third parties who suffer loss of life and property caused by traffic accidents. When risks or accidents occur, the insurance company will be responsible for physical, life and property damage to third parties caused by motor vehicles. The level of personal insurance liability can be up to 150 million VND/person/case; Assets are 100 million VND/case. Compulsory car insurance is said to be very cheap, with only 480,700 VND for cars with less than 6 seats that do not do transportation business, you can transfer compensation responsibility to the insurance company and drive with peace of mind. Thus, insurance participants do not need to worry about compensation costs to third parties when incidents occur. PVI civil liability insurance will provide car owners with peace of mind.

Accident insurance for the driver and passengers: PVI designs this insurance to protect against bodily harm to the driver and passengers in the vehicle. Except for cases covered by the exclusion points, PVI insurance will compensate for death or bodily injury of the insured person while in the vehicle or getting in or out of the vehicle while the vehicle is participating in traffic. pine.

The benefits that customers receive are very preferential. When the insured person dies within the scope of insurance, PVI insurance will pay the entire amount stated on the contract. When the insured person has an accident resulting in physical injury, the insurance amount can be up to 70 million VND/person/case. The insurance fee of this package is applied according to the formula: Insurance fee = Premium rate x Insurance liability level. For example, if a vehicle chooses a liability fee of 10 million VND/person/case for a 7-seat vehicle, the fee to pay is: 10 million x 0.1% = 10,000 VND. And the fee for 7 people with a 7-seat car is 10,000 VND x7 = 70,000 VND. It can be said that this is a cheaper insurance premium than ever.

Hopefully with the above article, customers can clearly understand the importance of car insurance. PVI auto insurance provides car owners with a variety of insurance packages to help participants receive the most comprehensive protection while participating in traffic. So which reputable facility should you buy PVI auto insurance from? Come to IBAOHIEM, here everyone will receive enthusiastic support from a team of enthusiastic and professional consultants.

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