Should I buy PVI care insurance?

In today’s life, insurance is not only a service but also becomes a necessary companion, supporting each individual and organization in life. Accordingly, as customers’ need for insurance increases, insurance businesses are constantly innovating and designing diverse insurance programs to help customers easily find Get the most effective and optimal financial solution in dealing with potential risks in life. And we can mention some famous insurance brands in our country such as: Bao Viet, Bao Minh, MIC, VNI, Liberty, VBI,… especially, we cannot help but mention the PVI insurance brand with insurance products. PVI care receives a lot of attention, trust and appreciation from many customers today. So Should I buy PVI care insurance? or not? What insurance benefits does this product provide? Please join IBAOHIEM in the sharing article below to find the answer to that problem!

PVI care insurance is a high-end and comprehensive health care program designed and issued by the PVI insurance brand. This insurance program brings customers convenience in health examination and treatment, and is also a superior financial solution when unfortunately customers face health problems such as Sickness, illness, accident, maternity, dental and even death during insurance participation.

Should I buy PVI care insurance?

Problems Should I buy PVI care insurance? is something that customers often hesitate and think about, and below are some reasons to confirm that you should join PVI care insurance to easily own a health care program, a financial solution. Effective results for yourself and your loved ones:

About the PVI brand, it is an outstanding insurance brand that has made its mark in the field of non-life insurance and created a trustworthy brand during more than 25 years of operation and development. With important contributions to economic and social development, the company has been honored with prestigious awards. Besides, PVI is constantly innovating and creating, a clear proof of this is that PVI always continuously creates diverse insurance programs, helping to improve the quality of life of customers better and better. .

With the PVI care insurance package, which is considered one of the best health care insurance programs on the insurance market today, it provides active support and constantly creates favorable conditions to help customers. easy access to the best and most modern medical services when health problems such as illness, accident, illness, maternity, dentistry and even death occur;

The PVI care health care program also provides customers with professional hospital fee guarantee services, ensuring a reputable and quality network of hospitals and clinics nationwide. This brings flexibility to customers in choosing the most suitable and convenient medical examination and treatment facility;

In addition, with five diverse insurance programs along with two groups of insurance benefits and six different age ranges, customers can choose any insurance terms according to their desire to be protected without having to worry. Worry about the fees you have to pay. With a maximum main benefit of up to 580 million VND/person/year, hospitalization support of 12,500,000 VND/day, public hospital subsidy of 250,000 VND/day,… customers will pay PVI an amount of 5,340. 000 VND/year between the ages of 19 and 40, or between the ages of 41 and 50, the applicable fee will be 5,980,800 VND/year,…

Hopefully with the above sharing from IBAOHIEM, you have found the answer to your concerns Should I buy PVI care insurance? or not?

Learn product details here: PVI health insurance

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