PVI personal accident insurance

Accidents are something that no one wants, but we cannot avoid them when they happen. So how to minimize the risk of accidents occurring? PVI personal accident insurance is the most effective solution, not only supporting individuals with the costs of treatment, hospitalization, and surgery, but this insurance product is also an effective financial tool in difficult circumstances, reducing costs. reduce the burden on many families. Let’s learn more about this type of insurance with IBAOHIEM through the article below.

With many years of experience operating in the insurance field in Vietnam, PVI Insurance Joint Stock Company has released many high quality non-life insurance products to the market, and one of them is the Products PVI personal accident insurance. This can be considered a reliable companion of many individuals in the process of living and working. Choosing to participate in this insurance package will help share some of the financial burden for you and your family in case risks occur.

Subject of product insurance This expanded to include all Vietnamese citizens or foreigners living and studying in our country between the ages of 1-70. This insurance product is especially suitable for workers and engineers working on construction sites, workers working in factories/factories or jobs with high risks of occupational safety. dynamic. Individuals, families, and businesses can also buy this type of insurance to ensure safety for themselves, their families, and employees.

PVI personal accident insurance is a reputable, high-quality insurance product with health, life and financial protection features. Accordingly, when participating in this insurance product, customers will receive compensation as specified in the contract in cases of accidents causing temporary or permanent disability, or even death. dead.

When participating in PVI personal accident insurance, customers can freely choose the insurance amount with limits ranging from 20,000,000 VND/person – 200,000,000 VND/person. Along with that, the amount you have to pay will be calculated according to the formula: insurance premium = insurance amount x 0.28%, this can be considered a very cheap and reasonable fee for individuals and families. family in Vietnam. Thus, with only a fee of 56,000 VND/person/year, customers can be insured in cases of accidental death or permanent disability due to accidents within the scope of insurance.

Participating in PVI personal accident insurance, people also receive dedicated care from a quality medical team from a system of hospitals and clinics across the country. PVI also commits to resolving compensation quickly and transparently, helping customers feel secure in participating.

Thus, the above article has helped people better understand the product PVI personal accident insurance. Protecting your health and life is more important than ever, so join accident insurance today to receive the most incentives. So where should customers buy PVI personal accident insurance? Come to IBAOHIEM, this unit will help individuals, families and businesses participate in reputable and high-quality insurance products.

Learn product details here: PVI accident insurance

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