Check out the top 10 best-selling cars in January 2023

More than half of the first quarter of 2023 has passed, the auto market is entering a more bustling period than ever. Each driver is gradually owning his own “steel steed”. Join CarOn to take a look at the names that made waves in the auto market in January of the first quarter!

Automotive market situation in January 2023

The Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA) said the car market in Vietnam decreased sharply, down 43.7% compared to the same period last year. Sales in January were 17,314 units. Including 14,036 passenger cars, 3,174 commercial vehicles and 104 specialized vehicles.

This year’s Lunar New Year holiday falls in January and lasts for 8-10 days, this is also one of the reasons why January sales in the first quarter of 2023 decreased significantly.

Hyundai reported sales of 3,496 units in January. VinFast delivered 358 electric vehicles during the month, including 204 VF 8, SUVs; and 154 VF e34, a crossover.

Hyundai is the best-selling brand in January 2023. Other top companies in the country are Toyota with 3,023; Ford with 2,360; KIA with 2,075; Mazda with 1,679; and Honda with 1,494.

The B-class sedan Hyundai Accent was the best-selling car model last month with 1,024 units, followed by the Ford Ranger pickup truck with 958 units; Toyota Cross, SUV, with 867; Ford Everest, SUV, with 770; Honda CITY, sedan, with 759; and Mitsubishi Xpander with 713 units, including 653 CBU units and 60 CKD units.

Specific statistics on the top 10 best-selling car models in the Vietnamese market in January 2023 are shown in the following table:

Rating Car model Sales volume 1/2023 (car) Compared to December 2022 Selling price (VND)
first Hyundai Accent 1,024 Reduced by 1,905 436 – 542 million
2 Ford Ranger 958 Reduced by 1,466 656 – 965 million
3 Toyota Coralla Cross 867 Reduced by 1,612 755 -863 million
4 Ford Everest 770 303 off 1,099 – 1,459 million
5 Honda City 759 427 off 529 – 599 million
6 Mitsubishi Xpander 713 Reduced by 1,143 555 – 688 million
7 Hyundai Grand i10 632 554 off 360 – 455 million
8 Hyundai Creta 585 Reduced by 1,292 640 – 745 million
9 Toyota Veloz 568 660 off 658 – 698 million
ten Ford Territory 504 498 off 822 – 935 million

It can be clearly seen that sales in January 2023 have decreased sharply, each car model’s revenue has decreased by half compared to the same period before.

Details about each car brand in the top 10 best sellers in January 2023

Hyundai Accent: 1,024 vehicles

Leading this list is Hyundai Accent with sales of 1,024 vehicles. Although the number of vehicles reduced to more than 1,900 cars, almost a decrease of 2/3 compared to the same period last year, in the context of the car buying and selling market slowing down due to many objective factors, the attraction can still be seen. of this B sedan model. This is the only passenger car model on the market to achieve sales of over 1,000 cars sold in January 2023. With the leading position in the table, it can be seen that the demand for using the passenger car segment is very popular.

Ford Ranger: 958 vehicles

Rising to 2nd place right in the sales momentum of 2023 with nearly 960 cars sold, however compared to December 2022, Ford Ranger sales decreased to 1466 cars. However, the Ford Ranger is still the most popular car model in the pickup segment in Vietnam. This car model appears a lot on the road, there are 7 different versions, the winter delivery price ranges from 656 – 965 million VND. With diverse models and a price segment that is not too high, we can believe that this is still a car model that will achieve high sales in 2023.

Toyota Corolla Cross: 867 cars

Toyota’s 5-seat Crossover model achieved sales of 867 vehicles in January 2023, down 1,612 vehicles compared to December 2022. It is a popular car model with an eye-catching appearance, but the sales of this car model have also decreased quite a lot. Toyota Vietnam’s price increase policy along with the market’s slowdown makes Corolla Cross no longer able to maintain its sales growth momentum. Toyota Corolla Cross is currently priced from 755 – 863 million VND.

Ford Everest: 770 vehicles

Ford Everest has returned to the top 10 after 1 month of absence. Along with Ranger, Ford Everest is increasingly proving its appeal in the Vietnamese market. The Ford car company is famous for its unique, strange designs and diverse designs. Ford Everest continues to be the only representative of the 7-seat SUV segment to appear on this list. Ford Everest sales reached 770 vehicles, down 303 vehicles compared to December 2022. Currently, Ford Everest 2023 is being sold with 4 versions, prices ranging from 1,099 to 1,452 billion VND. The engine of the three versions of Ambiente, Sport and Titanium is a single turbocharged 2.0-liter I4 Diesel; Meanwhile, the highest version Everest Titanium+ uses a 2.0L Bi-Turbo diesel engine.

Honda City: 759 units

After Hyundai Accent, this is the second B-class sedan to appear on this list. Honda City sales reached 759 vehicles, down 427 vehicles compared to the last month of 2022, equivalent to a decrease of 36%. At first glance, the decline in sales is a bad sign, but Honda City is still ranked 5th. The last time this B-sized sedan was in the top 10 was in September 2022.

The current Honda City is still the version launched in 2021, using a 1.5L engine combined with a CVT automatic transmission. This B-sized sedan is introduced in 4 versions: E, G, L and RS. Honda City is currently being discounted by dealers by tens of millions of dong to attract customers to buy cars

Mitsubishi Xpander: 713 units

Still the best-selling 5+2-seat popular MPV model in Vietnam. However, in the sales momentum of 2023, Mitsubishi Xpander only reached 713 cars sold, down 1,143 cars compared to December 2022. However, Mitsubishi’s car model still increased 1 place in the top 10, while leading the MPV segment.

The new 2022 upgraded version of Mitsubishi Xpander was launched on June 13, distributed with 4 versions: MT, AT, AT Premium and Xpander Cross, all using a 1.5L engine. The selling price of Xpander 2022 ranges from 555-688 million VND. Xpander is currently priced from 555 – 688 million VND and is being applied many preferential policies by manufacturers and distributors.

Hyundai Grand i10: 632 units

Hyundai Grand i10 is in the top 10 best-selling cars for the second consecutive month. Last January, this A-size car sold 632 units, down 46.7% compared to the previous month. The fact that a series of competitors including VinFast Fadil left the race helped the Hyundai Grand i10 regain its original position in the class A small car segment priced under 500 million VND.

Hyundai Creta: 585 vehicles

Hyundai’s third car model appears on this list. With 585 cars sold, Hyundai Creta ranked 8th in the 10 best-selling car models in Vietnam in January 2023. This is also the lowest sales volume of the car model since its launch in the Vietnamese market in March 2022 until now. It can be seen that this car company is showing signs of cooling down.

Hyundai Creta is being distributed as imported from Indonesia. Creta has 3 versions, all using 1.5L engine block. Selling price ranges from 620-730 million VND.

Toyota Veloz Cross: 568 units

Ranked 9th in the rankings, unchanged from last month, is the Toyota Veloz Cross. Toyota’s MPV model has seen its appeal with sales in January reaching 568 units, down 53.7% compared to December 2022.

Veloz Cross is being introduced with two versions: CVT and TOP, both using a 1.5L engine combined with a CVT automatic transmission. From the beginning of 2023, this model will be assembled by Toyota domestically instead of imported from Indonesia as before.

Ford Territory: 504 vehicles

The last name in the top 10 belongs to Ford Territory, this is the return after 1 month of absence of this C-sized crossover model. Last January, Ford Territory sold 504 units, down 49.7% compared to the previous month.

Ford Territory is also the “youngest” rookie on the list of best-selling cars in January when it was only launched on October 10. The attraction of a completely new model helps Ford Territory have a successful start in the Vietnamese market. This car model is being installed by Ford Vietnam in Hai Duong with 3 versions, all using 1.5L Ecoboost engine, selling price ranges from 822-935 million.

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