Apple carplay and things you need to know

Surely those of you who drive have more or less heard the phrase “Apple Carplay”, but not sure everyone understands correctly and sufficiently about Apple Carplay and the utilities that Apple Carplay can bring. In this article, CarOn Pro would like to bring readers the most accurate information about Apple Carplay and how to connect Apple Carplay to your car.

Apple carplay and what you need to know - CarOn Pro

What is Apple CarPlay?

Apple Carplay is essentially an application that helps you connect your phone to the screen mounted on your car via a wired connection or Bluetooth wireless connection.

History of formation of Apple Carplay application

In 2008, a year after introducing the new iPhone to the US market, Mercedes for the first time sold a sound system that could be used with iPhones and iPods to listen to music through the input jack. iOS 30 pins.

The concept of CarPlay is based on an iOS 4 feature called “iPod Out” that was created after years of joint development by Apple and the BMW Group USA Technology Office. It was announced at WWDC 2010 and was first used on BMW vehicles in early 2011.

Since then, Apple Carplay has been born and OEM manufacturers have used Apple CarPlay’s source code to develop software with similar functions to Apple Carplay and are often used on smart entertainment screens. for cars.

There are several types of Apple Carplay

Actually, Apple Carplay is an app so it just has different versions of Apple Carplay. However, to connect to Apple Carplay, we will have two ways:

  • Wireless connection: Connect your phone to your car using Bluetooth
  • Wired connection: connect the phone to the car via USB port

Depending on the type of vehicle and vehicle brand you are using, there will be different types of connections. There are car models that can only use wired connections, while others can use both wired and wireless connections.

Features of Apple Carplay

Initially, the Apple Carplay feature only solved one problem: connecting and controlling audio from the phone to the car. However, over time, as phones became smarter with more complex functions, Apple Carplay promptly met these functions and brought them to cars.

Synchronize incoming and outgoing calls from your phone to your car

When you are concentrating on driving a car, picking up your phone to answer an incoming call or to call someone saved in your contacts will be very inconvenient, and especially dangerous to yourself. and surrounding passersby. That’s why Apple Carplay’s hands-free calling and listening feature is very convenient. When you connect your iPhone to your car via Apple Carplay, you will receive notification of incoming calls from your car and can always answer the phone without having to hold the phone.

Hands-free calling feature of Apple Carplay - CarOn Pro
Synchronize incoming and outgoing calls from your phone to your car

Allows reading and composing messages hands-free

With Apple Carplay, you can read messages sent to your phone and compose messages to send easily without having to touch your phone. Incoming messages will be clearly announced on the vehicle’s display screen and can be read via Siri. In addition, you can also compose messages to others by voice and send them extremely conveniently and easily.

View the map directly on the car’s screen

By connecting your iPhone to your car through Apple Carplay, you can completely use the maps installed on your phone such as: Google Maps, Apple Maps,… In addition to tracking the map , you can completely look up locations on the map and give directions to selected locations extremely conveniently via voice.

Apple Carplay hands-free text reading and writing feature - CarOn Pro.webp
View the map directly on the car’s screen

Supports car music playback with phone applications

Driving long distances can sometimes make you stressed, so listening to music while driving will help you become more comfortable and increase your driving experience. However, having to download songs to a memory card or USB will sometimes cause an inconvenience when you want to transfer songs, especially finding hot songs is impossible, and every time you want to listen to a If you want to download a new song, you will have to take out the USB or memory card to download the song. But for Apple Carplay, this will be handled very simply, you just need to connect your phone to the car through Apple Carplay and you will be able to listen to your favorite songs saved in your phone or listen online via Apple Carplay. via Spotify, ZingMP3,… without having to plug in a complicated USB or memory card.

Listening feature via Apple Carplay phone - CarOn Pro.webp
Supports car music playback with phone applications

Integrates with Apple’s Siri voice assistant

For iPhone users, Siri is one of the extremely convenient voice assistants. You can give voice commands and chat with Siri similar to your iPhone.

Features using Apple Carplay's Siri voice assistant - CarOn Pro
Ability to integrate Apple’s Siri voice assistant

Limitations of Apple Carplay

Although it has many features such as listening to music, calling and texting hands-free, Apple Carplay also has certain limitations when used.

When using Apple Carplay or Android Auto, you will be limited to watching videos while driving. This will cause inconvenience when we drive with small children or a passenger in the passenger seat who wants to watch Youtube or watch a video while driving.

However, this restriction will also help you drive more focused and also limit dangerous situations that can cause accidents while driving.

In case you still want to watch videos, you can research replacing the car screen with external smart screens, such as CarOn smart screens. With this type of screen, you will have full functionality of Apple Carplay and also integrate many advanced safety features such as tire pressure sensors, panoramic cameras,…

Which cars can use Apple Carplay

Although extremely convenient with many functions, you should note that not all cars can use Apple Carplay. In recent years, new high-end car models on the market are equipped with wired Apple Carplay or both wired and wireless.

However, for old car models or low-segment car models, you need to research carefully, for example, Toyota, Kia, etc. car models usually do not support connecting to Apple Carplay or only support Apple Carplay. Apple Carplay through the car’s USB port.

In addition, to connect your phone to your car via Apple Carplay, you need to ensure that your phone runs IOS version 7.1 or higher.

Brands with built-in Apple Carplay phones - CarOn Pro
Popular car brands support Apple Carplay connection

How to connect Apple Carplay to the car

The steps to connect Apple CarPlay wirelessly are as follows:

  • Step 1: Make sure Siri virtual assistant is enabled on iPhone. In case Siri is turned off, turn it back on by going to Settings > Siri & Search. Then turn Siri back on by pressing the side button (iPhone has Face ID) or touching the Home icon (iPhone does not support Face ID).
  • Step 2: Start the car and open the car’s central entertainment system screen.
  • Step 3: For vehicles that support wireless Apple CarPlay, users press and hold the command button on the steering wheel, ensuring to maintain wireless pairing mode or Bluetooth connection. If Bluetooth is turned off, users will not be able to connect Apple CarPlay to the car screen.
  • Step 4: On the iPhone interface click Settings > General settings > CarPlay > Available cars and select the appropriate car.
Instructions for connecting your phone to your car through Apple Carplay - CarOn Pro
With just four basic steps, you can connect your phone to your car via Apple Carplay

Users can connect Apple CarPlay wirelessly to their car in just 4 simple steps

Above is all the information about Apple Carplay that you need to know!

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