Suzuki Jimny has been registered and is about to launch in Vietnam

Suzuki Jimny, one of the notable models from the Japanese automaker, is about to launch in the Vietnamese market with attractive features and specifications.

Suzuki Jimny

The first highlight is the K15B engine, 1.5 liter capacity, with a strong capacity of up to 103 horsepower and maximum torque of 138 Nm. The 4-speed automatic transmission comes with a 4×4 four-wheel drive system that helps the Jimny operate flexibly and stably on all terrain.

Information about the Suzuki Jimny appearing in the Registry Department’s data shows that the car model is in the testing phase of checking technical safety quality and environmental protection in Vietnam. The test version is Jimny GLX 4AT, blue, manufactured in 2023.

Information about the Suzuki Jimny appears in the Registry Department’s data

The overall dimensions of the Suzuki Jimny in the Vietnamese market are 3,645 mm (length) x 1,645 mm (width) x 1,720 mm (height), with a wheelbase of 2,250 mm. The weight of the vehicle reaches 1,105 kg. The wheels are 15 inches in size, installed with 195/80 size tires, creating balance and appeal.

Integrating the K15B engine with a 4-speed automatic transmission, the Suzuki Jimny will bring power and flexibility to the driver. The 4×4 four-wheel drive system allows the vehicle to overcome difficult terrain conditions, while providing safe and stable driving in all situations.

Although there is still no official information about the equipment and features of the Jimny version in Vietnam, however, it is expected to be equivalent to the versions sold in Thailand and Indonesia. In the international market, the Suzuki Jimny is equipped with front and rear LED lights, the same interior as the Suzuki Swift, with a three-spoke steering wheel, analog dashboard and 7-inch entertainment screen with integrated Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Satellite positioning and Bluetooth connectivity. Automatic air conditioning and automatic throttle (Cruise Control) are also expected features. 6-way manual front seats and 4-way manual passenger seats, with both rows of felt-covered seats, promise to bring comfort and convenience to passengers.

Currently, Suzuki Vietnam has not yet announced information about the Jimny’s opening date. It is expected that the selling price will fluctuate around 790 million VND and the number of imported cars will be limited.

Previously, in 2021, the Vietnamese auto market appeared two non-genuine imported versions of Suzuki Jimny with prices up to nearly 1.5 billion VND.

In the Philippine and Thai markets, the Jimny’s selling price is quite attractive, from 476 million VND in the Philippines and about 1.1 billion VND in Thailand, depending on origin. The appearance of the Suzuki Jimny in the Vietnamese market promises to bring an attractive choice for those who love multi-purpose and stylish vehicles.

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