Subaru discounts 230 million VND for BRZ model in Vietnam: Cheapest, most powerful sports car with price range of 1.6 billion VND

In early 2022, Subaru BRZ appeared on the Vietnamese market and is considered a rare two-door sports car sold genuine. Its listed price at that time was 1,899 billion VND. However, due to lack of popularity, this car model later had many promotions.

In recent months, this model has been significantly discounted. In May, the car price decreased by more than 100 million VND and is currently reduced by up to 230 million VND for cars with Vin number 2022. Thanks to these promotions, the actual price of the car is just over 1.67 billion VND. at some dealers.

Subaru BRZ

Even though they have the Vin number 2022, these car models are essentially no different from the 2023 cars. All are new cars, imported complete units from the Japanese market. Notably, most imported cars often have Vin numbers that are 1 year late when brought into Vietnam.

Subaru BRZ has a design with many sharp lines. The front headlights have been supplemented with a strip of LED daytime running lights, placed lower. Behind, the taillights have a sharp claw shape at both ends, combined with a small spoiler on the trunk. In addition, the car is also equipped with 18-inch aluminum wheels.

Design of Subaru BRZ

The Subaru BRZ is designed as a sports car, with a minimalist interior space and focusing more on the driver’s experience. Equipment includes a 7-inch driving console, an 8-inch central screen that supports Apple CarPlay and body-hugging sports seats. Although still using the traditional handbrake, this limits the vehicle’s design a bit.

Although identified as a sports car, the Subaru BRZ is still fully equipped with advanced safety features in the Eyesight package, like other models of the company. This includes blind-spot warning, lane-departure warning, automatic emergency brake assist, and adaptive cruise control.

Subaru BRZ system

BRZ has a simple design, loyal to the traditional style of Subaru cars. The LED lighting cluster is designed to gently follow the steering angle. The wheels are 18 inches in size, creating a strong appearance. Behind the car, we have a distinctive pit with a pair of large exhaust pipes, creating an attractive highlight.

Interior of Subaru BRZ

Subaru BRZ is equipped with a unique boxer engine block, with a capacity of 2.4L, delivering 234 horsepower and maximum torque of 250 Nm. Combined with a 6-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive, this model demonstrates strength and flexibility on the road. According to the manufacturer, BRZ only takes 6.8 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 km/h before reaching a maximum speed of 220 km/h.


Subara BRZ

Despite having a listed price of 1,899 billion VND, considered quite accessible in the two-door sports car segment in Vietnam, Subaru BRZ still has difficulty attracting customers. In fact, BRZ is not a popular car model for the majority of consumers, because it does not meet practical requirements. However, it is a true car for those who want to fully experience the joy of driving, especially when after promotions, its price is very attractive. Besides the BRZ, in the 2 billion VND segment, there are still other options such as the Subaru WRX and Honda Civic Type R, which meet more consumer requirements.

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