In recent years, Android screens for cars have become no longer strange to Vietnamese consumers. Although every car produced is equipped with the original screen, most cars in the low-cost segment can only listen to music and watch movies built into the car.

To meet current technology, the need to upgrade Android screens for cars is increasingly increasing. Because many features are superior to the original screen. However, there are still many questions and concerns about whether it is really safe and will affect the system inside the car? What’s outstanding compared to the original screen?

Let’s find out with Caron Pro right here!

Is installing an Android screen in a car really safe?

Caron Pro smart car screen
Smart car screen – Caron Pro

This is the biggest question of most car owners when they want to learn about upgrading the screen for their beloved car but are worried about whether it is really safe or has any effect on the vehicle system?

It sounds complicated, but actually installing a car screen is very simple, fast, neat and especially does not touch any hardware or equipment of the car. So everyone can completely love it without worrying about the car being affected after installation. However, to be more secure, we should still find a reputable quality and installation address.

Should I install an Android smart screen in my car?

As mentioned above, when you buy your car, most of the time it will have the original screens installed in the car, only being able to listen to music and watch movies in the car. Especially cars in the low-cost segment. So fitting Android smart screens are the optimal and necessary choice in today’s new times

So what outstanding features will there be when installing an Android smart screen in a car?

High aesthetics

Compared to the original screen, the Android smart screen will have a more luxurious and modern design. The touch screen size is from 9-10 inches and is equipped with sturdy strength and many diverse utilities such as Google Maps, Youtube, VTV go, Facebook,…

Android smart screen in car - Caron Pro
Android smart screen in car – Caron Pro

This is considered a highlight in the car compartment that anyone who gets into your car must pay attention to. From there, you can completely confidently show off your beloved car.

The configuration has been strongly upgraded

Configuration is an important factor that determines the handling and operation of a car screen. “The higher the configuration, the stronger, more stable and smoother the performance,”…

At this point, the Android screen really stands out when equipped with a more powerful configuration than the original screen. Most Android screens today are installed with configurations that can handle many tasks at the same time with high efficiency, run smoothly, are easy to use, and are extremely simple to operate.

Some outstanding configuration parameters that customers should pay attention to when choosing are: Operating system, Ram, Rom, CPU, DSP channels, Wifi, FM Radio, Bluetooth, CH Play… Many configurations can be chosen to suit your needs. suitable for users’ needs and costs. Depending on different price segments, they have differences.

Many superior features and utilities on the screen

Android smart screen widget
Android smart screen widget

Compared to the original screen, the smart screen has many convenient applications installed for consumers such as: Facebook, Zing Mp3, CH Play,…

KIKI Assistant – voice commands

The Android smart screen in the car allows the driver to operate through voice command. In particular, some high-end monitors like Caron are also integrated for users to use in many different languages ​​such as English, Vietnamese,… and understand the accents of the 3 regions of North, Central, and South of Vietnam.

With this useful feature, you can both focus on driving and handle normal tasks such as: Listening to music, watching soccer, looking up maps, calling… without having to operate manually. Extremely convenient without having to press your hands.

Integrated navigation software

Smart car screens with integrated navigation software
Smart car screens with integrated navigation software

Currently, there are many Android screens in cars that have integrated the best navigation software at the moment such as Google map, Vietmaps1, Naviplay – . From there you can conquer many long distances in the fastest and easiest way.

Caron’s Android screen generations on the market today have been very generous when purchasing full installation licenses for customers – Completely “free” for you to use for life to conquer the most difficult journeys, Speed ​​warnings, route warnings, etc. on your beloved car. It can be said that this is one of the extremely outstanding features of Android smart screens in cars.

Connect to smartphone:

Developed on the Android operating system, these car dvd screens can connect to smartphones via Apple Carplay and Android Auto easily. Not only that, the Android screen also has a number of other superior features such as multitasking with 2 applications on the screen in parallel, displaying traffic situation, updating news through KIKI assistant…

QLED screen – Sharp to every corner

Qled screen for car applications
QLED screen for car applications

QLED screens are considered superior to IPS screens because of their higher, sharper, and superior image quality. With a wide viewing angle, everyone sitting in the car, no matter where they are, can see the most realistic images. At the same time, the QLED screen uses less energy to help save energy during use

Integrated Camera, tire pressure sensor

Smart screen with integrated 360 Camera

In order to help car owners drive more safely, the car’s Android screen has integrated peripheral devices such as 360 car camera, reversing camera, dash cam, internal valve tire pressure sensor, etc. Integration capabilities This helps car owners observe more easily and comprehensively, limiting blind spots or obstacles that may be encountered when participating in traffic or stopping. This is one of the highly appreciated advances in the field of automotive displays, making driving safer and more confident than ever. In addition, the image quality displayed on the screen is in HD format of 1280×720 pixels, helping the image to be reproduced realistically and clearly.

Above is an article that answers your questions about the new generation smart screen, thereby helping drivers have an overview and easily choose a smart screen that ensures quality and configuration. Stronger, more suitable for your car.

A place that sells reputable, quality smart screens

On the market today, there are many smart screen brands that meet user needs. However, there are many cheap, low-quality, unbranded car screens floating on the market. If you don’t research carefully, you can easily buy fake, counterfeit, or poor quality goods, leading to a poor experience and even causing danger when participating in traffic.

Below, Caron will suggest to everyone some popular and highly rated screens with affordable prices and the most incentives on the market today such as:

For further details, please contact: 1900633612 for support and many incentives!

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