Reasons not to use cheap smart car screens

On the market today, there are many smart screen brands that meet consumer needs. From only “2-5 million VND” you can own a screen with full features such as: 4G SIM, calling, surfing the web, facebook, zalo, etc. However, there is often the question “what’s the money?” of that”. After spending a lot of money, it is not uncommon to encounter cases such as: slow loading, blurry screen, poor quality,…

In addition, the explosion of e-commerce platforms has caused countless products to appear on the market without origin, specific sales addresses, as well as inaccurate information. Along with that are hundreds of advertising banners, promotions, and drastic losses to target users’ tastes. From there, creating opportunities for poor quality products to increasingly expand in the market.

Reasons not to buy cheap Android screens

Because of believing in unrealistic and cheap advertisements, many car owners who have not researched carefully have bought poor quality screens, leading to many risks when participating in traffic. Among them are:

Can’t experience before buying

Social networks are increasingly developing and online shopping is also becoming easier, however, for smart screens related to high accuracy, quality and safety, they need to be touched and experienced. Being responsible and testing first to see if it is suitable is the problem. When you buy a product over the internet, it means you will not be able to directly test the product on your car. Unable to accurately check screen status both inside and outside.

No warranty guaranteed

Most of the time when buying cheap products, the seller promises a return warranty policy to the buyer. But to be sure whether the warranty is guaranteed or not is another matter. Not to mention having to disassemble, reassemble, package, exchange, exchange, etc. takes a lot of time.

Poor image quality

“If it’s good, it’s not cheap, but if it’s cheap, it’s not good.” When you buy a poor quality screen, it leads to problems such as noisy sound, blurry images, loading, slow operation, etc. causing loss of aesthetics for your car, slow operation and sometimes even have eye problems.

Few features, poor connection

If a quality monitor has many features such as: 360 instant cam, voice commands, quick connection, etc., poor quality monitors are the complete opposite. Or if there is support, the operation is extremely slow, leading to a bad and boring experience after using it for a while. Then you have to pay another fee to upgrade your curtain

Lack of aesthetics

In cheap curtains, quality will often not be emphasized too much. Because it mainly follows quantity and price. Think about it, if your car had to be combined with poor quality curtains inside and outside. This means that your car seems to go down a level in class. Not only does it lack aesthetics, it also causes discomfort.

Caron Pro Android smart screen

As shared above, buying a cheap car screen not only brings a bad experience but sometimes also costs more money to repair and replace. Understanding this issue, you should look to buy modern, high-tech smart car screen products with clear origin as well as a clear warranty to ensure your rights during use. reality. Among them is the Caron Pro smart screen, chosen and trusted by many customers because of its many outstanding features and extremely reasonable price.

Integrates many outstanding features

The screen integrates many smart features

A popular product is one that integrates many features and smart applications such as: Kiki – voice commands, directions, hands-free calling, high-speed 4G SIM, integrated support for 360 Camera, tire pressure sensor, listening to music, Facebook,… Especially the resolution must be high and the operation extremely smooth

Support for installation, trial, and return

Install screen for Accent car at Caron Pro

When installing a smart screen at Caron Pro, customers will experience and receive instructions on how to use it directly from their car. In addition, it also supports installing many utilities on the screen, giving away Dashcam, high-speed 4G sim, free VietMaps1,… and many other experiences.

QLED screen – Sharp to every corner

Experience watching football extremely vividly

The Caron smart screen is meticulously designed with an extremely high-quality QLED screen, which will bring many extremely interesting experiences to customers when using it. Sharp images, standard 360 cam viewing from millimeters, watching football, entertainment, listening to music is extremely relaxing and enjoyable.

In addition, Caron smart screens also have many other outstanding features such as:

  • Change the interface color according to your preferences
  • Supports wireless Carplay connection
  • Integrating modern smart navigation software
  • Supports internal tire pressure sensor, durable, long life
  • Virtual assistant Kiki gives voice commands,…
  • Free 4G data sim with unlimited capacity,…
Installing screens for Accent cars

In particular, when using Caron’s smart screen, it will have a warranty of up to 5 years and bring many extremely valuable gifts up to 3,000,000 VND.

Below is the article information that Caron wants to share with you. Hopefully with the above information you will find a quality smart screen suitable for your car!

For further details, please contact: 1900633612 for support and many incentives!

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