The newly sold Honda City 2023 has been discounted at the dealer, cheaper than the old list price?

The special promotion program at the dealership combined with support policies from the Government, helps reduce registration fees by 50% for Honda City 2023. This has created a positive effect, making car prices more attractive. Much better than the previous version, which was sold at a “clearance” discount last month.
Honda City 2023 was officially launched and opened for sale in early July. Notably, dealers have launched attractive promotions, direct discounts and free accessories for customers. A salesperson at a dealership in Hanoi shared that the City version here is being discounted by 20 million VND and comes with an accessory package worth 25 million VND. If customers do not want to receive accessories, they will still enjoy a discount of VND 22 million on the car price. These discounts apply to all 3 versions G, L and RS of City.

Honda City 2023

Thus, after the discount, the final selling price of City for each version is 537 million, 567 million and 587 million VND. This price is lower than the listed price of the old version.

Promotions may vary between dealers

In addition to the incentives mentioned, Honda City 2023 also enjoys support policies from the Government, reducing registration fees by up to 50%, helping to reduce the rolling price by about 37 million VND. Therefore, the actual price of City 2023 after calculating the total of promotions and registration support is only nearly equal to the price of the City 2022 version in the final “clearance”.

On the other hand, buying a new Honda City at the same price is a more beneficial choice for customers, because this new model is more improved. In addition to minor adjustments in appearance, the City RS 2023 version is equipped with rear disc brakes, leather seats, a new electronic control screen placed behind the steering wheel, Honda Sensing advanced safety feature package, and brakes. rear disc and Honda Connect connectivity feature. Both the G and L versions are also equipped with the Honda Sensing safety feature package.

Honda City 2023

The Honda Sensing package on City 2023 is truly a significant step forward in the field of safety for this car segment. It has been equipped with many modern and advanced features such as collision mitigation braking, automatic adaptive headlights, smart automatic throttle, lane departure mitigation, lane keeping assist and front vehicle notification. start. This will certainly increase peace of mind and confidence for the driver on the road.

Honda City 2023

In terms of performance, City 2023 still uses a 1.5L engine with 119 horsepower and 145 Nm of torque, this has been proven over time. Combined with a front-wheel drive system and CVT automatic transmission, this model provides a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

Although in May, Honda City held the top position in sales, June saw an overthrow when Toyota Vios regained the throne. Notably, City is far behind even Accent with sales less than 40% of its competitor. However, it should be noted that this June, Honda cleared the warehouse to prepare for the launch of the new version. Therefore, this sales figure may not accurately reflect the actual market demand for City.

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