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On the market today there are many insurance companies operating, but most users still choose the name Bao Viet Insurance because this is a long-standing, safe and extremely reputable insurance brand. To meet needs Learn about Bao Viet Insurance of new customers, today IBAOHIEM brings the article below, inviting readers and customers to follow along.

1964: Vietnam Insurance Company was established under Decision 179/CP dated December 17

1965: Officially put into operation non-life insurance business from January 15

1964-1975: Serving a small group of customers who are state-owned economic units doing business in the field of import-export and shipping in the North

1975-1982: Is the largest and only state-owned insurance enterprise in the entire territory of Vietnam

1989: Developed into Vietnam Insurance Corporation according to Decision No. 27-TCQD-TCCB dated February 17

2007: Changed name to Bao Viet Insurance Corporation (transaction name is Bao Viet Insurance)

two thousand and thirteen: Increased charter capital from VND 1,800 billion to VND 2,000 billion, becoming the leading enterprise in terms of charter capital in the field of non-life insurance

Up to now, with a network of 79 member companies stretching from North and South and more than 300 sales departments serving customers nationwide, more than 3,000 highly qualified officers and employees, With strong financial capacity, Bao Viet Insurance is confident in its consulting ability to meet all insurance requirements of individual and corporate customers.

Learn about Bao Viet insurance

Bao Viet An Gia: Bao Viet An Gia is designed into 5 programs in order from low to high: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond. This is considered a comprehensive health care and protection solution that has received the most attention and participation from the majority of people since its launch until now. If participating in the highest program, the insured person will be paid insurance benefits with a limit of up to 454,000,000 VND/person/year. The participation fee is only from 1,196,000 VND/person/year for customers aged 19-30 years old, equivalent to more than 3,000 VND/person/day – a very reasonable and economical fee to achieve the goal. take care of and protect your own health.

Learn product details here: Bao Viet An Gia Insurance

Bao Viet Tam Binh: Bao Viet Tam Binh was also designed and launched with 5 insurance programs in order from low to high: Basic, Extended, Advanced, Comprehensive, Superior. According to many reviews, this is the cheapest health insurance package on the market today, but it gives customers extremely large insurance benefits. For example, with the Uu Viet program, between the ages of 19 – 40 years old, with inpatient treatment, the participation fee starts from just over 2,000,000 VND, customers can enjoy benefits of up to 330,000 VND. 000 VND/person/year. In particular, this insurance package also integrates maternity benefits and maternity complications right into the inpatient insurance benefits, helping to save time and costs for female customers during the period of intending to have children.

Learn product details here: Bao Viet Tam Binh Insurance

Bao Viet Intercare: With maximum expanded insurance coverage (to the whole world), Bao Viet Intercare is a health insurance package suitable for customers who often travel or have to go on business trips abroad and want to Experience medical care services at leading medical facilities abroad. Because it is a high-end health insurance package, the insurance benefits that customers can receive when participating in Bao Viet Intercare are up to more than 10 billion VND. This is a much larger insurance benefit than Bao Viet An Gia and Bao Viet Tam Binh. Along with that, the fee will also have a higher difference, from several million to several tens of million VND/person/year.

Learn product details here: Bao Viet Intercare Insurance

In today’s market, IBAOHIEM is considered a reputable unit in providing Bao Viet insurance products. Thanks to this trust from customers, IBAOHIEM is committed to quality in every step of the process of providing health insurance to customers. All customer concerns and questions will be thoroughly explained by the consultant team before the customer decides to buy insurance.

Hopefully IBAOHIEM’s above article has met the need Learn about Bao Viet Insurance of our customers. And we hope that customers can soon choose the most suitable health insurance package for themselves.

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