Kia EV5 finalizes launch schedule – Strong competitor of VinFast VF 8

Kia EV5 is positioned below EV9 in the Korean brand’s product range, competing in the mid-sized pure electric SUV segment with Hyundai Ioniq 5 and VinFast VF 8.

According to a recent report, Kia will launch the commercial version of the EV5 electric SUV next month at the Chengdu Auto Show, China. Korean Car Blog said that the Kia EV5 will be produced in China, for the domestic market as well as the export market. The expected selling price of the Kia EV5 is about 50 million won (equivalent to 40,000 USD ~ 947 million VND) for the standard version and 57 million won (equivalent to 43,800 USD ~ 1.03 billion VND) for the long range version.

The Kia EV5 for the Chinese market is said to use lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, while the export version will use nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) batteries. It is known that the NMC battery will have a capacity of up to 82kWh, larger than the 77.4kWh battery pack on the Kia EV6 and provide a range of up to 600km.

Notably, some sources say that this time the Kia EV5’s charging system will be based on a 400V system instead of the 800V high voltage system used on other Hyundai electric vehicle models, developed on the E platform. -GMP. Therefore, Kia can sell the EV5 at a more affordable price.

When officially launched, the Kia EV5 will face fierce competition in China’s extremely vibrant electric vehicle market, where electric vehicle manufacturers such as BYD and Tesla are holding a large market share.

Similar to EV9, EV5 applies the Opposites United design philosophy (roughly translated: The unity of opposites) with square, sturdy lines. The closed hood has a shape that Kia calls “Digital Tiger Face”. The triangular headlight cluster consists of small LED bulbs, combined with a daytime running light strip across the front of the car. Below is a large trapezoidal central air cavity with thick edges, creating a strong and aggressive appearance.

The car doors are designed in the style of Suicide doors – suicide doors similar to the style of Rolls-Royce cars, making it easier to get in and out of the rear seats, while creating a luxurious and elegant look. 21-inch wheels with asymmetrical design.

At the rear, the EV5 has vertical LED taillights and two slender LED light strips across the trunk door, inspired by the design of the star map. The silver rear bumper has a square design, with an integrated fake diffuser.

The interior compartment of the Kia EV5 brings a minimalist space but no less modern and luxurious. The digital instrument cluster and infotainment screen are combined into one super long screen.

The Kia EV5 is available with a three-row configuration, in which the front two rows have the ability to adjust the seating direction very flexibly. The third row of seats is a long bench, rotating toward the trunk door. On the roof of the car is a panoramic sunroof with integrated solar batteries. Kia says the EV5 interior is finished from environmentally friendly materials, including seaweed and recycled plastic bottles.

Kia EV5 also possesses modern safety equipment such as RSPA2 remote-controlled automatic parking assistance system, collision avoidance support when moving forward/back to park and parking distance warning. In addition, there is a driving assistance system on the HDA2 highway, allowing the car to automatically change lanes.

Source: XEHAY.VN

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