VW Polo warehouse clearance dealer: 145 million off, still hard to find customers because of too few “options”

Volkswagen Polo is lagging behind in the equipment and comfort race compared to other models in the same segment from Japanese and Korean brands.

At a Volkswagen dealership located in the Central region, there is currently a special promotion for the Polo model with a huge discount of up to 145 million VND, down to only 550 million VND from the original 695 million VND. However, this incentive only applies to 1 vehicle. Meanwhile, at other dealers, the discount mainly fluctuates between 50-70 million VND.

Volkswagen Polo is being cleared by a dealer with a discount of 145 million VND

Volkswagen Polo is in the B-class hatchback segment, competing directly with the Toyota Yaris (price 684 million VND). However, the appeal of this hatchback from Germany is not very outstanding due to the lack of equipment and features, especially in the context of car models in the same price range of 500-700 million VND competing in technology.

Specifically, with a starting price of 550 million VND, Volkswagen Polo must compete with Honda City G priced at 559 million VND. The Japanese B-class sedan has been equipped with the Honda Sensing technology package with many advanced safety features such as automatic braking, automatic adaptive headlights, automatic adaptive throttle, lane departure warning, and maintenance assistance. lane maintenance and forward collision warning.

Meanwhile, the Volkswagen Polo is only equipped with halogen headlights, monotonous colored wheels, a speaker system with 4 speakers, 2 safety airbags, lacks electronic stability, and does not have hill start assist. These equipment have become popular on cars priced from 400 million VND or more in the Vietnamese market.

Some other amenities on the Polo include a 6.5-inch touch screen, support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, automatic air conditioning system, steering wheel with integrated multi-function buttons, automatic throttle control. Dynamic driving mode, sport driving mode, reversing camera and front and rear parking distance control assist.

The Polo’s engine is a 1.6L, 4-cylinder, producing 105 horsepower and 153 Nm of torque. The car uses a 6-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive system. Acceleration time from 0-100 km/h is 10.5 seconds. Dimensions length x width x height reach 3,970 x 1,682 x 1,462 mm, wheelbase 2,456 mm long and ground clearance 148 mm.

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